Book of the Day Posted Nov 20, 2020

Book of the Day > Interior Space: A Visual Exploration of the International Space Station

Purchase ● Unseen images of the International Space Station, untenanted and eerie: the legacy of humanity's fragile foothold in space
On November 2 2020, NASA celebrated the 20th anniversary of continuous human habitation in space of the International Space Station. In Interior Space, American photographer Roland Miller and Italian astronaut and photographer Paolo Nespoli offer an in-depth portrait of the ISS, creating amazing unpeopled images of the interior of the ISS for the first time. As internationally acclaimed scholars of space archaeology Alice Gorman and Justin St. P. Walsh write in their essays, the ISS speaks not only of who we are and will be, but also of who we were. In 2024 the ISS will be abandoned; in 2028 it will be destroyed. This book provides us with an eerie account of what will remain in the space after our passing.