Miscellany Posted Apr 24, 2021

Independent Bookstore Day 2021!

Now more than ever. It’s Independent Bookstore Day! If you're in Los Angeles, you are lucky to be in a buzzing, thriving hub of wonderful and diverse bookstores. In spite of the devastating tumult of 2020, we're still here! And new shops are opening, others have moved and expanded! It's a vibrant landscape - take advantage of it.

As the @americanbooksellers association succinctly put it: "Buy books curated by a real person, not by a creepy algorithm that wants you to buy deodorant."

Please visit, call, or shop the websites of our many illustrious colleagues today, tomorrow, and throughout the year: @aliasbookseast, @artbookhwla, @booksoup, @chevaliersbooks, @counterpointrecordsandbooks, @despairbooks, @dieselbookstore, @esowonbooks, @hennesseyingalls, @iliadbookshop, @lalibreria, @larryedmunds1938, @lastbookstorela, @librosschmibros, @malikbooks, @nowservingla, @oofbooks, @reparations.club, @ therippedbodice, @thesalteaters, @theshq, @sideshowbooks, @skylightbooks, @storiesbooksandcafe, @thesedays.la @theundergroundbookstore, @villagewellcc , @vromansbookstore, and so many more.

Miscellany Posted Feb 09, 2021

Re-Opening Wednesday, February 10th!

We're soooooo happy to be re-opening. Our dooors open for regular hours (Tuesday-Sunday, 11-7) starting Wednesday, February 10th.
Thank you all for your kindness, support, and good wishes during this rough time. Everyone is 100% healthy and ready to see you again soon at Arcana!
Photo from the utterly delightful RESIST PHONY ENCORES! by Gruff Rhys & Mark James from the good people at Hat & Beard Press.
Miscellany Posted Jan 27, 2021

Closed until Wednesday, 2/10

We will be fuilly open for business on 2/10 at 11:00 AM.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (310-458-1499) or email
We hope you and yours are safe and well — please take great care. We’re so looking forward to a time when this is in the rear view mirror.
Miscellany Posted Jan 11, 2021

Opening again on Friday!

Hello friends! We will re-open on Friday, 1/15 at 11am. 

Everyone is healthy.

Thanks for your patience!


(image from The Tarot of Leonora Carrington)


Miscellany Posted Nov 25, 2020


From the bottoms of our hearts to the tops of our souls, thank you for your purchases, your visits, your support, your eyeballs, your shares, your kindness, and your enthusiasm. We are here to bring you delight and we thank you for your eager embrace. Thank you, too, for supporting the newly re-invigorated movement to “shop small” for all that you buy and to thereby support the communities that you love. Now more than ever, this thoughtfulness has meant the world to all of us small business owners. Thank you. (image from Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight: The John Hinde Butlin's Photographs)


Miscellany Posted Aug 29, 2020

Independent Bookstore Day!

It’s Independent Bookstore Day and we want to salute our colleagues and customers. You inspire us in this zany, anachronistic, less-than-lucrative business -- one made even more tumultuous in 2020. Your faith in value of printed matter is beautiful and your commitment to supporting spaces devoted to keeping ideas, art, community, and beauty alive through these miraculous objects is heroic. Thanks for being our allies and fighting the good fight along with us. Today, tomorrow and every day, we hope you will celebrate LA’s rich book culture by buying from our esteemed colleagues who prove true the #gothambookmart adage that  “wise men fish here.” Here’s to you: @aliasbookseast, @artbookhwla, @bblitarts, @booksoup, @chevaliersbooks, @counterpointrecordsandbooks, @dieselbookstore, @esowonbooks, @familybooks, @hennesseyingalls, @iliadbookshop, @lalibreria, @larryedmunds1938, @lastbookstorela, @librosschmibros, @malikbooks, @nowservingla, @reparations.club, @skylightbooks, @storiesbooksandcafe, @theundergroundbookstore, @vromansbookstore, the FORTHCOMING @thesalteaters @villagewellcc and so many more. Look around - books are everywhere!


Miscellany Posted Jul 23, 2020


We are seeking well-qualified candidates to fill  2 part-time positions!

Both jobs require working on Saturdays and Sundays, 8 hours a day (with to potential to add up to 2 additional days for the right person). Please note, this is not a short-term/ interim job. We are looking for people who can commit to a year at the store.

A thorough knowledge of modern + contemporary visual arts and photography, art books, and publishing is REQUIRED. Interviewees will be quizzed, so you you'd better know your stuff! Prior retail experience – ideally at a bookstore – is ideal.

Prior retail experience – ideally at a bookstore – and a thorough knowledge of modern + contemporary visual arts and photography is REQUIRED. Interviewees will be quizzed, so you you'd better know your stuff!

If you've always dreamed of working in a bookstore so you can sit behind the counter and read all day, this job is not for you! These are busy, active positions and we’re looking for people who are hardworking, enthusiastic, personable, confident, calm under pressure, enjoy working with the public, and have excellent communication skills. They must be resourceful, responsible, detail-oriented and ready to approach all tasks -- from the mundane to the complex -- with equal vigor.


Please e-mail books@arcanabooks.com a letter introducing yourself and attach your résumé - be sure to note all retail experience and provide current contact information for references. If you have any questions, please write books@arcanabooks.com



Miscellany Posted Jun 07, 2020

The shop is OPEN!

We are thrilled to have re-opened the shop on Friday, June 12th!

We are open Tuesday-Sunday (11am-7pm) .
Thank you for your on-going support during these wild times!
*Photo by Rinko Kawauchi.
Miscellany Posted May 08, 2020


What qualifies as a great gift for a mother? It’s a loaded question, given the millions of different humans that mothers are. And this year – now – you might even see more strength, beauty, intelligence, and generosity in the mothers you know than you ever have. So what to give to a mother? The answer is the book *she* in particular will love. The usual tropes relate to themes of beauty, nurture, creativity, feminine grit, fortitude, and love are all wonderful things to be celebrated and expressed through art. So here are some books that reflect some of those themes in a way that might seem less than obvious (For a bunch of books on flowers and plants, see Tuesday’s post). These, and thousands of others, are in shop and available while supplies last! And if you don’t see what’s right for your radical mom here, let us know something about her and we’ll try find the perfect token of your gratitude and love. Call (310-458-1499), write (books@arcanabooks.com), or send/write a message here to purchase. We’re open for pickup today until 7 and can arrange delivery (in LA) or overnight shipping (in the US), wrapped and ready for the mom you love.
Day Sleeper Dorothea Lange / @SamContis - @mack_books  ($ 35.00)
Always Home: A Daughter's Recipes & Stories: Foreword by @AliceLouiseWaters @fannysinger  ($ 35.00)
Ruth Adler Schnee: Modern Designs for Living @cranbrookartmuseum @artbook ($ 50.00)
Bibliostyle: How We Live at Home with Books @bibliotstylefile @ninafreudenberger ($ 35.00)
I Was A Teenage Banshee by Susan Webster @rizzolibooks @myblackbaby ($ 50.00)
Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African-American Cooking $ 35.00
World Receivers: Georgiana Houghton - Hilma af Klint - Emma Kunz $ 49.95
Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors @ vitradesignmuseum ($ 90.00)
Cash and Carter Family Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from Johnny and June's Table $ 29.99
Richard Avedon: Woman in the Mirror ($ 120.00)
Justine Kurland: Girl Pictures @justine4good @aperturefnd ($ 50.00)
Georgia O'Keeffe: Living Modern $ 60.00
Diana Vreeland: Bon Mots @rizzolibooks ($ 35.00)
Before Easter After: Lynn Goldsmith and Patti Smith @ thisispattismith @taschen ($ 700.00)
Ana Ros (@phaidonsps) $ 59.95
Cannelle et Vanille: Nourishing, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Meal and Mood $ 35.00


Miscellany Posted May 06, 2020

Nothing but flowers🌷

Photo By WilliamEggleston. Give the gift that will keep on giving long after Sunday. Here is a handful of great books relating to flowers, plants, and botany - all symbols of beauty, growth, and nurture, which is why they are excellent choices as gifts for mothers. These, and thousands of others, are in shop and available while supplies last - act fast ! And if you don't see what's right for your radical mom here, let us know something about her and we'll try find the perfect token of your gratitude and love. Call (310-458-1499), write (books@arcanabooks.com), or send/write a message here to purchase. We can arrange for pickup, delivery, or expedited shipping to reach you (or your mom), gift-wrapped, by Sunday.⁣ 💐📚 ⁣
William Eggleston: Flowers/ @steidlverlag ($ 80.00)⁣
Flora Magnifica: The Art of Flowers in Four Seasons/ @thamesandhudson ($ 50.00)⁣
The Gardener's Garden/ @phaidonsnaps ($ 49.95)⁣
Akiko Tsuji: Vase and Flower/ @famousaspectmag ($ 30.00)⁣
CHANEL: The Art of Creating Fragrance: Flowers of the French Riviera/ @abramsbooks ( $ 200.00)⁣
Thomas Demand: Blossom / @mackbooks ($ 80.00)⁣
A Garden Can Be Anywhere: A Guide to Growing Bountiful and Beautiful Edible Gardens @ ediblegardensla / @abramsbooks ($ 40.00)⁣
Jean-Michel Othoniel: The Secret Language of Flowers/ @actessud @artbook ($ 35.00)⁣
Mapplethorpe Flora: The Complete Flowers/ @phaidonsnaps ($175.00)⁣
Edward Steichen: Gardens in Color ($ 45.00)⁣
Botanical Baking: Contemporary Baking and Cake Decorating with Edible Flowers and Herbs ($ 24.99)⁣
Everyday Flowers Arrangement In Kyoto ($35.50)⁣
Dream Plants for the Natural Garden by @PietOudolf ($ 29.95)⁣
After the Flower Market/ @ hoxtonminipress $ 16.95)⁣
Encyclopedia Of Flowers Makoto Azuma | Shunsuke Shiinoke Part 1 ($ 46.00) and Part 2/ @seigensha ($ 46.00)⁣
Cats & Plants/ @zioxla @stepheneichhorn ($ 55.00)