Miscellany Posted Jun 09, 2022

Closing Early Thursday 6/16!

We will be closing at 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 16th for a private event at the store. 

Thanks for your understanding!



Miscellany Posted May 15, 2022

10 Years at Helms

Ten years ago today after an arduous move and months of building we finally re-opened our doors – in our beautiful "new" space here at Helms in Culver City. There aren’t enough thanks in the world to give to those that helped in this epic endeavor: our iiinnncccrrrredible staff, our amazing landlord and his team @helmsbakerydistrict, our esteemed architects @johnstonmarklee and @katrinterstegen, the design and building genius of @landlocd and their endless inspiration, commitment and non-stop hard work … We couldn’t be happier to have moved here – thank you for your love and support over the years! PS, Good luck to the little car company called “Tesla” that took over our old space in Santa Monica in 2012.
Miscellany Posted May 06, 2022



Starting 5/6/22  we’ll be implementing a new summer schedule to allow us to catch up on some necessary maintenance. We need some time to handle new submissions and correspondence, train staff, replenish our stock from the backroom, price recently acquired out-of-print material, and so much more that needs to be done to keep the shop humming.

For the next few months, our schedule will be:


Monday – Closed

Tuesday – By prior appointment only (books@arcanabooks.com, 310-458-1499)

Wednesday-Sunday – 11:00 AM -7:00 PM


Thank you for your understanding!


Miscellany Posted Apr 30, 2022

Independent Bookstore Day 20212!

It's Independent Bookstore Day, a *happy* day thanks to YOU. You with your passion, enthusiasm, your dollars, and your commitment! We are here because you keep showing up -- and we thank you for this happy day.

And to our colleagues across this great book town, too numerous to list here: we salute you - live long and prosper! We're honored to be fellow travelers in this wacky and wonderful biblio-galaxy.

Here's a bittersweet reminder from Noah Davis and the beloved @theundergroundmuseum

Please visit, call, or shop the websites of our many illustrious confrères today, tomorrow, and throughout the year: @aliasbookseast, @artbookhwla, @booksoup, @chevaliersbooks, @counterpointrecordsandbooks, @despairbooks, @dieselbookstore, @esowonbooks, @hennesseyingalls, @iliadbookshop, @lalibreria, @larryedmunds1938, @lastbookstorela, @librosschmibros, @malikbooks, @nowservingla, @oofbooks, @otherbooksla @reparations.club, @therippedbodice, @thesalteaters, @theshq, @sideshowbooks, @skylightbooks, @smallworldbooksvenice, @storiesbooksandcafe, @thesedays.la @villagewellcc , @vromansbookstore, and so many more

Miscellany Posted Apr 24, 2021

Independent Bookstore Day 2021!

Now more than ever. It’s Independent Bookstore Day! If you're in Los Angeles, you are lucky to be in a buzzing, thriving hub of wonderful and diverse bookstores. In spite of the devastating tumult of 2020, we're still here! And new shops are opening, others have moved and expanded! It's a vibrant landscape - take advantage of it.

As the @americanbooksellers association succinctly put it: "Buy books curated by a real person, not by a creepy algorithm that wants you to buy deodorant."

Please visit, call, or shop the websites of our many illustrious colleagues today, tomorrow, and throughout the year: @aliasbookseast, @artbookhwla, @booksoup, @chevaliersbooks, @counterpointrecordsandbooks, @despairbooks, @dieselbookstore, @esowonbooks, @hennesseyingalls, @iliadbookshop, @lalibreria, @larryedmunds1938, @lastbookstorela, @librosschmibros, @malikbooks, @nowservingla, @oofbooks, @reparations.club, @ therippedbodice, @thesalteaters, @theshq, @sideshowbooks, @skylightbooks, @storiesbooksandcafe, @thesedays.la @theundergroundbookstore, @villagewellcc , @vromansbookstore, and so many more.

Miscellany Posted Feb 09, 2021

Re-Opening Wednesday, February 10th!

We're soooooo happy to be re-opening. Our dooors open for regular hours (Tuesday-Sunday, 11-7) starting Wednesday, February 10th.
Thank you all for your kindness, support, and good wishes during this rough time. Everyone is 100% healthy and ready to see you again soon at Arcana!
Photo from the utterly delightful RESIST PHONY ENCORES! by Gruff Rhys & Mark James from the good people at Hat & Beard Press.
Miscellany Posted Jan 27, 2021

Closed until Wednesday, 2/10

We will be fuilly open for business on 2/10 at 11:00 AM.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (310-458-1499) or email
We hope you and yours are safe and well — please take great care. We’re so looking forward to a time when this is in the rear view mirror.
Miscellany Posted Jan 11, 2021

Opening again on Friday!

Hello friends! We will re-open on Friday, 1/15 at 11am. 

Everyone is healthy.

Thanks for your patience!


(image from The Tarot of Leonora Carrington)


Miscellany Posted Nov 25, 2020


From the bottoms of our hearts to the tops of our souls, thank you for your purchases, your visits, your support, your eyeballs, your shares, your kindness, and your enthusiasm. We are here to bring you delight and we thank you for your eager embrace. Thank you, too, for supporting the newly re-invigorated movement to “shop small” for all that you buy and to thereby support the communities that you love. Now more than ever, this thoughtfulness has meant the world to all of us small business owners. Thank you. (image from Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight: The John Hinde Butlin's Photographs)


Miscellany Posted Aug 29, 2020

Independent Bookstore Day!

It’s Independent Bookstore Day and we want to salute our colleagues and customers. You inspire us in this zany, anachronistic, less-than-lucrative business -- one made even more tumultuous in 2020. Your faith in value of printed matter is beautiful and your commitment to supporting spaces devoted to keeping ideas, art, community, and beauty alive through these miraculous objects is heroic. Thanks for being our allies and fighting the good fight along with us. Today, tomorrow and every day, we hope you will celebrate LA’s rich book culture by buying from our esteemed colleagues who prove true the #gothambookmart adage that  “wise men fish here.” Here’s to you: @aliasbookseast, @artbookhwla, @bblitarts, @booksoup, @chevaliersbooks, @counterpointrecordsandbooks, @dieselbookstore, @esowonbooks, @familybooks, @hennesseyingalls, @iliadbookshop, @lalibreria, @larryedmunds1938, @lastbookstorela, @librosschmibros, @malikbooks, @nowservingla, @reparations.club, @skylightbooks, @storiesbooksandcafe, @theundergroundbookstore, @vromansbookstore, the FORTHCOMING @thesalteaters @villagewellcc and so many more. Look around - books are everywhere!