Book of the Day Posted Nov 19, 2019

Book of the Day > Gaechter + Clahsen: Fünf Finger Föhn Frisur

Book of the Day > Gaechter + Clahsen: Fünf Finger Föhn Frisur. Published by Edition Patrick Frey. "A person’s hair may be likened to the top of a mountain. But while mountaintops are often shrouded from our eyes by clouds around them, a person’s top is almost always visible—especially in latitudes that have given up the daily use of bonnets, hats and headscarves. Hence the understandably heavy pressure on people’s heads—to get the hair just right. Over the course of several decades, photographer Peter Gaechter shot a wide array of hairdos for Zürich hairdresser Elsässer Pour Dames, tracking the changes in—and revivals of —hairstyles in late 20th-century Switzerland. The present publication brings together a selection of his photographs from the catalogues on display at these upmarket salons, showing the latest hairstyle trends from the 1970s to the 1990s. These sculpturesque cuts and coiffures, which were to be reproduced à l’identique on the customers’ heads, were also telltale signs of the times. Whether a punk or “Cold War Kids” cut, a “five-finger” blow-dry, feathery “Charlie’s Angels” wings or “Old Hollywood” coiffure—the multifarious hairstyles of local beauties, “It girls” and actresses featured in this book reflect the “why not?” whateverism of liberal consumer culture as well as concrete changes in society, e.g. in the sudden apparition of a clunky cell phone included in the picture frame as a pixie cut accessory. Gaechter’s photographs also hark back to an age in which photography was still infused with a spirit of professionalism. There are no snapshots here, no affectations of an amateur aesthetic, no strategically trashy elements—Gaechter's pictures target a clientele aspiring to distinction, as could once be said of the photographer’s craft as well."
Book of the Day Posted Nov 14, 2019

Book of the Day > David King Stencils: Past, Present, and Crass

Book of the Day > David King Stencils: Past, Present, and Crass. Published by Gingko Press. "This long-overdue monograph features David King’s iconic stencil-only designs, starting with his legendary logo for the UK band Crass and continuing to the present day. Both the artist’s process and finished output are on display in this revealing collection, from the covered-in-layers-of-paint stencils themselves to the drawings and designs outlining the thought process and ultimately the final art. Many of these works used multiple stencils and colors to create one-off finished pieces that you’re likely to find only within the pages of this book. Includes essays by: Steven Heller, Matt Borruso, Barry McGee and Howard A. Rodman."
Book of the Day Posted Nov 13, 2019

Book of the Day > Bedtime: Inspirational Beds, Bedrooms and Boudoirs

Book of the Day > Bedtime: Inspirational Beds, Bedrooms and Boudoirs. Published by Vendome. "In our bedrooms, we take leave of our daily woes. Far from the bustle of the kitchen, the sociability of the living room or the indulgence of the dining room, this part of the home is reserved for intimacy, romance, and dreaming. Bedtime: Inspirational Beds, Bedrooms and Boudoirs is an inspiring, visual journey into the sleepiest, yet most salacious, room of the house. Celia Forner whisks you through the bedrooms of queens and emperors, designers and decorators, today’s most exclusive hotels, and even the most evocative fictional boudoirs from stage and screen. Taking us from Marie Antoinette to the Maharaja of Indore; from Tony Duquette to Peter Marino; from Mae West and Peggy Guggenheim to Rudolph Nureyev; from Gone with the Wind to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bedtime is a must have for anyone who dreams of sleeping like a king or queen. Designers and clients alike will find fresh inspiration in this king-size source book, which shows astonishing breadth of vision in collating more beds and bedrooms than one could possibly dream of, and is an invaluable addition to any design collection."
Book of the Day Posted Nov 10, 2019

Book of the Day > Mitch Epstein: Sunshine Hotel

Book of the Day > Mitch Epstein: Sunshine Hotel. Published by Steidl/PPP Editions. "America, as a place and an idea, has occupied Mitch Epstein’s art for the past five decades. With the first photographs he made in 1969 at the age of 16, Epstein began confronting the cultural psychology of the United States. Although he started working in an era defined by the Vietnam War, civil rights, rock and roll, and free love, he responded hardily to each radically different era that followed—from Reaganomics to surveillance after 9/11, to the current climate crisis and resurgence of white supremacy. More than a single era or issue, it is the living organism of American culture that engages Epstein; no matter how much the country changes, he describes something mysteriously and persistently American. Conceived of and sequenced by Andrew Roth, Sunshine Hotel assembles 175 photos made between 1969 and 2018—more than half of them previously unpublished. Yet the book is not simply a retrospective. It traces both the evolution of an artist and the development of a country, revealing Epstein’s formal and thematic shifts in tandem with America’s changing zeitgeist and landscape. Sunshine Hotel is a visual immersion that forgoes linearity and a classical layout, as it sets forth Epstein’s evolving understanding of his country’s pathologies and promise."
Book of the Day Posted Nov 08, 2019

Book of the day and book signing/discussion tomorrow (11/9, 4-6 ) > SITE: MARMOL RADZINER IN THE LANDSCAPE

Book of the day and book signing/discussion tomorrow (11/9, 4-6 -- Event Details HERE) > SITE: MARMOL RADZINER IN THE LANDSCAPE. Published by Princeton Architectural Press. Site: Marmol Radziner in the Landscape is the brand new survey of the residential projects of one of Southern California's most creative architectural firms. Combining style with substance, this lavish monograph from Princeton Architectural Press is an engaging document of nineteen homes drawn from twenty years of work. For the event principal partners Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner - who maintain an envious reference library, even by our standards - will discuss the firm's history and projects, and the making of their new book with the West Coast editor of AD, critic and historian Mayer Rus. Come celebrate the publication of Site: Marmol Radziner in the Landscape with Leo, Ron, Mayer, and Arcana on November 9th. If you cannot attend but wish to purchase a signed copy, please place your order here, or call us at 310-458-1499.

"The spectacular houses of Marmol Radziner merge interior and exterior life as they engage the built and natural environment. With lush photography and an expansive format, Site: Marmol Radziner in the Landscape focuses on the evolving relationship between house and landscape, revealing what the architects describe as "the gradual erasure of boundaries between indoor and outdoor" spaces. This collection of nineteen houses, shown in over two-hundred full-color photographs that will make readers swoon, is organized by habitat - desert, urban, canyon, and woodland - and includes projects in Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and The Netherlands. A foreword by novelist Mona Simpson provides a personal reflection on her experiences in a Marmol Radziner house, while an interview with partners Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner and detailed descriptions of their projects offer insights into the architects' philosophy and process."

Book of the Day Posted Nov 07, 2019

Book of the Day > Lisa Yuskavage: Babie Brood, Small Paintings 1985-2018

Book of the Day > Lisa Yuskavage: Babie Brood, Small Paintings 1985-2018. Published by David Zwirner Books. "Lisa Yuskavage: Babie Brood is the first survey of the artist’s small-scale paintings. While Yuskavage is primarily known for larger canvases, these intimate works offer a new window into her transgressive paintings and complex and influential oeuvre. Based on the artist’s imagination, live models, maquettes, and found and staged photographs, the small paintings in this book demonstrate Yuskavage’s methodical exploration of how images are created and their sources. Some of the small works are studies for large paintings, while others revisit preexisting images. Yet others are one-of-a-kind compositions only created on this intimate scale. As places for experimenting with color, form, and characters as well as a variety of formats—including stretched and unstretched linen, canvas boards, wood, and paper—these paintings play a remarkably dynamic and pivotal role within her work. This catalogue presents the paintings to scale so readers can explore the works as if seeing them in person. Documenting the artist’s exhibition at David Zwirner, New York, in 2018, this catalogue includes an essay by Jarrett Earnest that illuminates Yuskavage’s early influences and explores the constant, often surprising themes that can be found throughout her art."
Book of the Day Posted Nov 06, 2019

Book of the Day > Black Lives 1900: W.E.B Du Bois at the Paris Exposition

Book of the Day > Black Lives 1900: W.E.B. Du Bois at the Paris Exposition. Published by Redstone Press. "At the 1900 Paris Exposition the pioneering sociologist and activist W.E.B. Du Bois presented an exhibit representing the progress of African Americans since the abolition of slavery. In striking graphic visualisations and photographs (taken by mostly anonymous photographers) he showed the changing status of a newly emancipated people across America and specifically in Georgia, the state with the largest Black population. This beautifully designed book reproduces the photographs alongside the revolutionary graphic works for the first time, and includes a marvelous essay by two celebrated art historians, Jacqueline Francis and Stephen G. Hall. Du Bois' hand-drawn charts, maps and graphs represented the achievements and economic conditions of African Americans in radically inventive forms, long before such data visualization was commonly used in social research. Their clarity and simplicity seems to anticipate the abstract art of the Russian constructivists and other modernist painters to come. The photographs were drawn from African American communities across the United States. Both the photographers and subjects are mostly anonymous. They show people engaged in various occupations or posing formally for group and studio portraits. Elegant and dignified, they refute the degrading stereotypes of Black people then prevalent in white America. Du Bois' exhibit at the Paris Exposition continues to resonate as a powerful affirmation of the equal rights of Black Americans to lives of freedom and fulfilment. Black Lives 1900 captures this singular work."
Book of the Day Posted Nov 05, 2019

Book of the Day > From Above; The Story of Aerial Photography

Book of the Day > From Above; The Story of Aerial Photography. Published by Laurence King. "Since the birth of photography, photographers have been taking images of the earth from the air – with spectacular visual results. Celebrating over 150 years of these incredible images, From Above tells the fascinating story of how these pictures were created and the photographers that have propelled image-taking to bold new heights. Taking advantage of the amazing sense of perspective that aerial photography offers, this incredible collection of images also offers a unique overview of the events, challenges, and changes of the past 150 years of human history."

Book of the Day Posted Oct 31, 2019

Book of the Day > Art of the Devil: An Illustrated History

Book of the Day > Art of the Devil: An Illustrated History. Published by Cernunnos. "The Art of the Devil is a beautiful book showcasing the past and present portrayal and manifestations of the Evil One in Western and Eastern art and a richly illustrated account of the history, symbols and manifestations of the devil in the collective imagination of the past and the present. The book features artistic masterpieces, engravings, ancient documents, books, posters, postcards, tarots, album covers, comics, objects and plenty of oddities related to the world of demons, the occult, and evil. See the devil in art from artists ranging from Hieronymus Bosch and Giotto to Keith Haring and Matt Groening."
Book of the Day Posted Oct 30, 2019

Book of the Day > Long Story Short

Book of the Day > Long Story Short. Published by Fraenkel Gallery. "A surprising and unconventional slice of photography’s history, Long Story Short is also an abbreviated tour of Fraenkel Gallery’s approach to photography. Published to mark the gallery’s 40th (and still counting) year, this sumptuously designed and printed volume presents work by photography’s masters alongside that of little-known artists and anonymous thrift shop finds. Among the images to be discovered here are Eadweard Muybridge’s 1887 study of a contortionist performing extreme body movements; Man Ray’s 1923 ghostlike rayograph of an irradiated banjo; and a female impersonator applying her lipstick backstage, as seen by Diane Arbus in 1959. Interwoven among these are anonymous photographs of a tornado touching ground near Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, in 1896; astronaut Buzz Aldrin standing beside an American flag on the moon in 1969; and a lawn mower flying inexplicably over a meadow in 1974. Presented in approximate chronological order, the unconventional flow of images conveys a profound sense of photography’s infinite riches, and is a meditation on the inexhaustible possibilities of the medium itself."