Book of the Day Posted Aug 05, 2022

Book of the Day > Harry Benson: Paul

Purchase ● A personal portrait of Paul McCartney by Harry Benson
Harry Benson began photographing the young Paul McCartney in 1964, a pivotal year for the Beatles when they took America by storm, toured the world, and made their movie debut with A Hard Day’s Night—all documented by the affable Scotsman. And when the Fab Four called it quits, it was Benson who was afforded intimate access to Paul and wife Linda, as Paul forged a new path creatively and personally.
Through Benson’s lens, Paul traces the evolution of its namesake as an icon, performer, and a devoted family man. We follow the musician at the height of his fame with the Beatles; in the recording studio with Linda and their band, Wings; with the family; behind the scenes and on stage during the 1975–76 “Wings Over America” tour; dancing the night away at a star-studded party on the Queen Mary to celebrate the band’s newest album; and with Linda on the couple’s farm in the U.K. in the early 1990s—a fittingly soft landing after so many years of flying high.
Featuring more than 100 color and black-and-white images by the legendary photojournalist, many never seen before, this collection is a window onto a one-of-a-kind artist, one who has remained somewhat enigmatic despite nearly a lifetime of being in the limelight.
Book of the Day Posted Aug 03, 2022

Book of the Day > Philipp Mueller: 120 bpm

Purchase ● The dawn of Zurich’s 1990s techno scene, in photographs, ephemera and testimonials
Titled after the number of beats per minute on a club track, 120 bpm tracks techno’s meteoric rise in Switzerland, where it became one of the country’s last great youth movements, leaving a massive imprint on the nightlife, clubs and ongoing innovation in electronic dance music to this day. Swiss photographer Philipp Mueller, who has shot for Vogue, GQ and Playboy, covered the dawn of the Swiss techno scene in the early 1990s, in raw photographs of Zurich’s first street parades, underground raves and parties—whether backstage in clubs or in the intimacy of private venues—for various magazines. Mueller’s photographs are interleaved here with facsimile clippings from rave magazines and fanzines, as well as firsthand accounts from some of the ravers who made the nascent scene.
Book of the Day Posted Aug 02, 2022

Book of the Day > *Signed* Colby Deal: Beautiful, Still.

Purchase ● Beautiful, Still. is the first monograph from photographer Colby Deal, documenting the people, objects, and environments of everyday life in the Third Ward neighbourhood in Houston, Texas, where the artist grew up. In this ongoing project, currently consisting of over a thousand negatives, Deal sets out to provide a visual record of overlooked communities and the cultural characteristics gradually being erased by gentrification, as well as a depiction of communities of colour whose members are often portrayed with negative connotations. Through these instinctive black-and-white photographs, Deal’s down-to-earth approach to his subjects is made apparent; at times candid and blurred, other times poised and sharply focussed, the series builds to convey the dynamism and vibrancy of family, community, and individual life in the Third Ward. The scratches and dust left on the negatives reflect the marks of lived life and simultaneously suggest the fragility of these documents and the corresponding precarity of the fabrics of social life they often depict. Deal’s almost conversational tone — the antithesis of media portrayals of the neighbourhood — invites his viewers in with a sense of joy and intuitive playfulness. From these alternately staged and documentary images, a new narrative emerges about a reductively and oppressively narrativized place, celebrating the agency and freedom that the photographic medium can offer.
Book of the Day Posted Jul 29, 2022

Book of the Day > Mark Flood in the Nineties by Clark Flood

Purchase ● A dark chapter of art history dragged into the light.
Painter and provocateur, Mark Flood’s career blazed like an erratic comet thru the bubblicious art world of the early twenty-first century. Now his brother Clark Flood tells the story of Mark’s struggles of the 1990s, before he hit the big time.
Meticulously researched, Mark Flood in the 1990s recounts accusations of Satanism, confiscation of work by the local police, and a decision to sell advertising space on the surface of paintings. We learn about a profusion of false identities and Flood’s innovative use of surrogates for public appearances. Finally, we retrace the artist’s prolific output as he spirals down into depression and fantasies of suicide. This arc unexpectedly culminates in the discovery of the lace painting technique that would make him rich.

Mark Flood in the 1990s reproduces hundreds of paintings and documents, many never published before, as well as vintage photographs of studios and exhibits.
Book of the Day Posted Jul 27, 2022

Book of the Day > Larry Vigon: Serious Play

Purchase ● Larry Vigon is an award-winning art director and designer who is credited for some of the most iconic album covers from the 70’s and 80’s. As a graduate from Art center College of Design in 1972 Vigon set out to create a career in album cover design combining his love of music and art. For the next 20 years that is exactly what he did. He has designed over 200 albums and single sleeves for Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Counting Crows, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Chicago, Pat Benatar, Carol King, Sparks, Boney James, Thomas Dolby and many more. Vigon has partnered with some of the greatest photographers of the late 20th century including Helmut Newton, George Hurrell, Joyce Tenneson, William Claxton, Peter Beard, and numerous other. After two decades of almost exclusively album cover work, he branched out into corporate design including the clients IBM, Epson, The City of Los Angeles, Paramount Television, The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, The House of Blues, also Broadway posters, advertising campaigns, magazines and books, including C.G. Jung’s Red Book. Vigon first book in 2006 DREAM A Journal was published by W.W. Norton, New York.
When Vigon is not working on commercial projects he enjoys creating personal art projects but often combining the two disciplines. His paintings are in private collections all over the world.
Book of the Day Posted Jul 22, 2022

Book of the Day > Donavon Smallwood: Languor

Purchase ● Languor is an ode to NYC’s Central Park. With the pandemic at hand and the history of Seneca Village in mind, Smallwood created photographs of tentative comfort and appreciation as an examination of nature, home, tranquility, and escape.
Book of the Day Posted Jul 21, 2022

Book of the Day > *Signed* Dennis Morris: Super Perry - Iconic Images of Lee "Scratch" Perry

Purchase ● This book contains 42 treasured photographs taken by Dennis Morris, who has earned the trust of many influential, history making musicians - including Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols. ⁡
As the subtitle "The Iconic Images of Lee Scratch Perry" suggests, the entire collection is truly iconic. From the recording sessions at the legendary Black Ark Studio in the 1970s, to the joyous photo sessions in the 2000s and beyond, to Perry wandering languidly through the London nights in his later years - the reader will be able to enjoy a truly iconic images of the god of dub throughout this book. ⁡
Here is a "small part" of the mysterious and charming life of a legendary man who lived amidst the waves and color of sound.
Book of the Day Posted Jul 20, 2022

Book of the Day > *Signed​* Mason Saltarrelli: Rowing

Purchase ● Rowing collects 55 works on paper by artist Mason Saltarrelli. The oversized hardcover volume is Saltarrelli's first major publication and documents over a decade of the artist's practice, including work from 2008–2019. Rowing allows readers to meander over both the front and back of layered scenes—gouache, graphite, color pencil and paint create a beguiling palimpsest occasionally punctuated by loose, barely-there figuration, eyes and faces are both human and animal. The pieces are saturated, worked into on front, on verso, and meant to be viewed in calm, contemplative succession.
Rowing is a springboard, a place where narrative abounds, one just has to look for themselves to find it.
Book of the Day Posted Jul 16, 2022

Book of the Day > D’Angelo Lovell Williams: Contact High

Purchase ● Both an artist’s book and comprehensive inquisition of D’Angelo Lovell Williams’s work to date, Contact High offers an expansive engagement with the visualization of desire and depiction of the Black body. Williams’s narrative images reflect the many forms in which Black queer people exist and have existed historically within each other’s lives, picturing them as sitters, lovers, caregivers, or shadows. Williams’s work is guided by their life experience and an interrogation of their own perspective, as well as wider questions around the representation of race, class, sexuality, gender, and intimacy. The title Contact High references the importance of touch and gesture in Williams‘s work, and alludes to heightened senses and intuitive movement.
From self-portraits to collaborations with community, Williams’s photographs visualize the Black body in performative scenes that are theatrical, dance-like, and occasionally mundane, pointing towards collective histories and Black ancestral practices. At the heart of these intimate, dialogic images are notions of kinship and spirituality interweaved with quietly political and radical gestures. Williams’s unfaltering gaze insists on visibility and deference, and creates scenes in which Black and queer voices are the authority. The dynamics that play out between families, cultures, friends, lovers, ancestors and descendants are visualized as a spectrum of care, tenderness, and vulnerability, speaking to the nuances of our complex lives often overlooked by historical depictions.
Book of the Day Posted Jul 15, 2022

Book of the Day > Eric Kroll: The New York Years 1971 to 1994

Purchase ● Eric Kroll is a name familiar to anyone with even the vaguest interest in contemporary photography, he has several high-profile best-selling books with houses like Taschen to his name (“Fetish Girls” anyone?) and his work has featured in countless magazines over the years.
Timeless is extremely pleased to showcase a side of his work that hasn’t been widely publicized before. In the late 70s and early 80s Eric found himself at the very heart of a cultural eruption in NYC, with his camera ever at the ready he has documented the work and private pursuits of luminaries from the Stones to the Dead Boys, Blondie, Warhol and Haring. Madonna, Kenneth Anger, Grace Jones and Robert Mapplethorpe all feature in this stunning collection of mostly never-before seen photos. Dive into a world that no longer exists from the sleazy underbelly to the high-brow art galleries Timeless and Eric Kroll invite you to a New York at the height of its decadence and its cultural importance. A unique book, a journey, an experience!