Book of the Day Posted May 18, 2018

Book of the day and book launch tomorrow! > International Signal Code Alphabet by Corita Kent


Book of the day and book launch tomorrow! > International Signal Code Alphabet by Corita Kent. Published by Atelier Éditions. Introduction by Dr. Ray Smith, foreword by Aaron Rose. "Radical American artist, educator, and once-devout Catholic nun, Sister Mary Corita Kent’s provocative imagery has entranced audiences for over four decades. Originally completed in 1968, Kent’s 'International Signal Code Alphabet' encompasses a series of twenty-six kaleidoscopic serigraphs integrating scripture, typography, image, icon, and the maritime flags of the International Code of Signals. It features an introduction by Corita Art Center Director Dr. Ray Smith along with a foreword by noted Kent scholar, artist, and curator Aaron Rose. As 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of both the series’ completion, and the centennial of Kent’s birth, this celebratory publication reproduces this engaging body of work for the very first time in a monographic, fine art  format". Join us tomorrow to celebrate the celebratory publication - Saturday 5/19, 4-6 at Arcana. This and the Very Special Limited Edition (slipcased with 26 offset prints!) will be available for purchase. If you can't make it, no sweat -- call 310-458-1499 or order here. However you do it, get one now before these beautiful editions is sold out.


Book of the Day Posted May 17, 2018

Book of the day > Emily Shur: Super Extra Natural!

Book of the day > Emily Shur: Super Extra Natural! Published by Kehrer Verlag @kehrerverlag. "American photographer Emily Shur’s book Super Extra Natural! is a collection of images made in Japan between 2004 and 2016. What began as a one-time getaway possessing no agenda beyond experiencing something new expanded into a long-term body of work that has resulted in over 15 trips to various parts of the country. However, these images are not a documentation of a place. They are explorations of an unspoken connection; a state of mind that has become its own version of a vacation. Initially, Shur was not exactly sure what kept drawing her back to Japan, but she found a personal feeling of freedom and peace there. She says: "Everything made sense. Lines, shapes, light, and color fit together like a math equation that added up to what still feels like a supernatural high.'"


Book of the Day Posted May 11, 2018

Book of the day and book signing & discussion tomorrow (5/11, 4-6)! > Vandalism – John Divola

Book of the day and book signing & discussion tomorrow (5/11, 4-6)! > Vandalism – John Divola. Published by @mackbooks. “Between 1974 and 1975, the American photographer John Divola – then in his mid-twenties and without a studio of his own – travelled across Los Angeles in search of dilapidated properties in which to make photographs. Armed with a camera, spray paint, string and cardboard, the artist would produce one of his most significant photographic projects entitled Vandalism. In this visceral, black and white series of images Divola vandalised vacant homes with abstract constellations of graffiti-like marks, ritualistic configurations of string hooked to pins, and torn arrangements of card, before cataloguing the results. The project vigorously merged the documentary approach of forensic photography with staged interventions echoing performance, sculpture and installation art. Serving as a conceptual sabotaging of the delineations between such documentary and artistic practices, at a time when the ‘truthfulness’ of photography was being called into question, Vandalism helped to establish Divola’s highly distinctive photographic language.” Join us tomorrow for a discussion with Mr. Divola and the Getty’s Amanda Maddox. If you cannot attend but would like to purchase a signed copy, please phone 310-458-1499 or visit our website here.


Book of the Day Posted May 10, 2018

Book of the day > Handbook of Tyranny by Theo Deutinger

Book of the day > Handbook of Tyranny by Theo Deutinger. Published by Lars Müller. " Handbook of Tyranny portrays the routine cruelties of the twenty-first century through a series of detailed non-fictional graphic illustrations. None of these cruelties represent extraordinary violence – they reflect day-to-day implementation of laws and regulations around the globe. Every page of the book questions our current world of walls and fences, police tactics and prison cells, crowd control and refugee camps. The dry and factual style of storytelling through technical drawings is the graphic equivalent to bureaucratic rigidity born of laws and regulations. The level of detail depicted in the illustrations of the book mirror the repressive efforts taken by authorities around the globe. The twenty-first century shows a general striving for an ever more regulated and protective society. Yet the scale of authoritarian intervention and their stealth design adds to the growing difficulty of linking cause and effect. Handbook of Tyranny gives a profound insight into the relationship between political power, territoriality and systematic cruelties."


Book of the Day Posted May 09, 2018

Book of the day (and mark your calendars for a book signing on 6/9!!!> Shaniqwa Jarvis

Book of the day (and mark your calendars for a book signing on 6/9!!!> Shaniqwa Jarvis. Published by Baque Creative Press, designed by Stephen Serrato. Introduction by Ryan McGinley. “Empathetic and raucous, Jarvis’ vivid portraits are coupled with images of delicate landscapes, objects from her extensive travels, and array of visceral portraits shot in her personal studio.”

Book of the Day Posted Apr 27, 2018

Book of the day > Ed Templeton: Hairdos of Defiance

Book of the day > Ed Templeton: Hairdos of Defiance. Published by Dead Beat Club Press (@deadbeatclub).  " 'An explosion of spiked fluorescent pink hair precariously balanced atop a young girl’s head, eyes painted black in the shape of an Egyptian goddess, slender neck choked by a black leather dog collar ringed with metal thorns, a ripped-up t-shirt barely concealing the flesh of her breasts: it had the same shocking effect on a family walking along London’s King’s Road in 1977 as it did on the explorers encountering the Pawnee Indians in 1541, something exotic and strange to behold. Having a punk hairstyle was a way to spit in the eye of polite society, to rebel and depart from the prevailing fashion trends. It was an emblem of non-conformity and a hairdo of defiance - until it wasn’t.' —Excerpt from "On Mohawks" by Ed Templeton (@ed.templeton).

From Disneyland to Detroit, Spokane to Scotland, Hairdos of Defiance highlights Templeton’s encounters with iconic punk-rock plumage across two decades and two continents. Shot on film, the portraits in Hairdos of Defiance track this ubiquitous expression of individuality on friends and strangers. In the accompanying essay On Mohawks, Templeton reflects on the evolution of the mohawk, from its origins in indigenous culture to its emergence as a punk identifier, to its co-option by the mainstream, to its significance in his own life as an outsider kid growing up in suburbia."

Book of the Day Posted Apr 26, 2018

Book of the day > Ruth Asawa

Book of the day > Ruth Asawa. Published by David Zwirner Books. "Known for her intricate and dynamic wire sculptures, the American sculptor, educator and arts activist Ruth Asawa challenged conventional notions of material and form through her emphasis on lightness and transparency.


Asawa began her now iconic looped-wire works in the late 1940s while still a student at Black Mountain College. Their unique structure was inspired by a 1947 trip to Mexico, during which local craftsmen taught her how to create baskets out of wire. While seemingly unrelated to the lessons of color and composition taught in Josef Albers’ legendary Basic Design course, these works, as she explained, are firmly grounded in his teachings in their use of unexpected materials and their elision of figure and ground.


Presenting an important and timely overview of the artist’s work, this monograph brings together a broad selection of her sculptures, works on paper and more. Together they demonstrate the centrality of Asawa’s innovative practice to the art-historical legacy of the 20th century. In addition to an incredible group of photographs of the artist and her work by Imogen Cunningham, a selection of rare archival materials illustrates a chronology of the artist’s life and work. Also featured is an extensive text by Tiffany Bell that explores the artist’s influences, history, and, most importantly, the work itself, as well as a significant essay by Robert Storr discussing Asawa’s work in relation to mid-20th century art history, culture and scientific theory."


Book of the Day Posted Apr 25, 2018

Book of the day > Art & Vinyl

Book of the day > Art & Vinyl. Edited by Jeffrey Fraenkel. Published by Fraenkel Gallery / Editions Antoine de Beaupré. "Art & Vinyl is an exhilarating new look into the history of the vinyl record as a medium for modern and contemporary visual art. This beautifully designed and printed publication is the first book to focus in-depth on works of art created specifically for an album, composer or musician.


With reproductions of more than 200 LPs from the mid-20th century to the present, Art & Vinyl traces the trajectory of how the record album has been considered by artists as material for a work of art. The book begins with Pablo Picasso’s 1949 depiction of the dove of peace, printed directly on an audio disc. Significantly, the recording was Paul Robeson’s Chante Pour La Paix (Singing for Peace). Art & Vinyl also includes works by artists as disparate and wide-ranging as Ed Ruscha, Marlene Dumas, Cy Twombly, Yoko Ono, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barbara Kruger, Robert Rauschenberg, Sol LeWitt, Sophie Calle and Andy Warhol.


Highlights include Gerhard Richter’s extraordinary oil painting made directly on a recording of Glenn Gould’s Bach: The Goldberg Variations (1984), as well as Allan Kaprow’s LP How to Make a Happening (1966). Also featured are albums of original recordings by Joseph Beuys, Yves Klein, Jean Dubuffet, Christian Marclay and Wolfgang Tillmans, among others. Some of the better-known artists' covers for rock, pop and jazz albums featured here are Jann Haworth and Peter Blake's Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band; Jim Dine's cover for The Best of Cream; Lee Friedlander's portrait of Miles Davis for In a Silent Way; Warhol's cover for Sticky Fingers and Robert Frank's Exile on Main Street; Mapplethorpe's classic Patti Smith portrait for Horses; Robert Longo's cover for Glenn Branca's The Ascension; Fischli/Weiss's Liliput; and Alec Soth's cover for Dolorean's The Unfazed.


Art & Vinyl has been assembled over the course of nearly a decade by curator and collector Antoine de Beaupré, author of Total Records and founder of Librarie Galerie 213 in Paris."


Book of the Day Posted Apr 20, 2018

Book of the day > Jessica Antola: Circadian Landscape

Book of the day > Jessica Antola: Circadian Landscape. Published by Damiani. "Jessica Antola’s first monograph is a vibrant journey through Sub-Saharan Africa. Traveling mostly by car, she captures the distinctive style and beauty of everyday life in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal and Togo. Her striking portraits, landscapes and vignettes offer an intimate view of life lived in rural villages, big cities and along the remote roadways between the two. Men dressed head to toe in elaborate African wax textiles share a motorcycle; ancestral spirits bridge earthly and supernatural worlds in masked dances; the rich red soil dusts the lush tropical jungle; a girl in an oversized straw hat steers her boat with a boldly patterned patchwork sail; and a gold jewelry-clad Kumasi King performs a warrior dance. Antola is captivated by how people around the world express themselves in relation to their environments, and her images reflect the astonishing variety of ways people create and define themselves daily through dress and ritual, work and play."






Book of the Day Posted Apr 19, 2018

Book of the day > Dark City. The Real L.A. Noir by Jim Heimann

Book of the day > Dark City. The Real L.A. Noir by Jim Heimann. Published by @Taschen. "In the years following World War I, Los Angeles was a city awakening to its darker side, transforming itself from a backwater town to a gleaming metropolis and city of the future. But along the way a tarnished patina began to coat its ever-more glamorous façade. As thousands flocked to the city with their dreams and desires, so too came get-rich-quick schemes, phony religions, organized crime, and corruption.

A visual history like no other, Dark City brings together images from archives, museums, newspaper photo morgues, private collections, and the author’s extensive image library to reveal the true grit, grime, and sheer horror stories of Los Angeles from the 1920s to 1950s. In large format, we roam through the back alleys, gin joints, tattoo parlors, gambling dens, nightclubs, and the most brutal crime scenes, to uncover a city crawling with murder and mayhem.

From Sunset Boulevard to a jazz-saturated Central Avenue, tabloid headlines chronicle the most famous celebrities and infamous crimes in a hopped-up city that provided inspiration for journalists, pulp fiction scribes, and filmland script writers in their creation of the noir genre. With rare vintage magazine reprints from the crime tabloids of the time, this is a uniquely evocative visual history through which the crime, crooks, crazies, and mean streets of the City of Angels are transformed from myth to reality."