Book of the Day Posted Mar 15, 2018

Book of the day > Rineke Dijkstra: WO MEN. Hasselblad Award 2017

Book of the day > Rineke Dijkstra: WO MEN. Hasselblad Award 2017. Published by Walther König, Köln. "This large-format volume, designed by Irma Boom in close collaboration with Rineke Dijkstra, focuses on the female figure in the photographer's work―women and girls who have stopped somewhere (in a park, a beach, at a party), whom she captures in such a way that they appear present to an astonishing degree. Spanning three decades of work, the book unites images from her classic series, including both photo- and video portraits, and extracts them from chronological order to suggest fresh ways of looking at her work. The book is published for Dijkstra's 2017 Hasselblad Award, for which occasion the Hasselblad Foundation described her images as "recalling the visual acuity of 17th-century Dutch portraiture." Essays discuss Dijkstra's gift for communicating an empathy with her subjects, and the logic of her image layouts in book form."


Book of the Day Posted Mar 08, 2018

Book of the day > Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries who Shaped Our History . . . and Our Future!

Book of the day > Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries who Shaped Our History . . . and Our Future! Published by City Lights/Sister Spit.  "Like all A-Z books, this one illustrates the alphabet—but instead of "A is for Apple", A is for Angela—as in Angela Davis, the iconic political activist. B is for Billie Jean King, who shattered the glass ceiling of sports; C is for Carol Burnett, who defied assumptions about women in comedy; D is for Dolores Huerta, who organized farmworkers; and E is for Ella Baker, who mentored Dr. Martin Luther King and helped shape the Civil Rights Movement.


And the list of great women continues, spanning several centuries, multiple professions, and 26 diverse individuals. There are artists and abolitionists, scientists and suffragettes, rock stars and rabble-rousers, and agents of change of all kinds.


American history was made by countless rad—and often radical—women. By offering a fresh and diverse array of female role models, we can remind readers that there are many places to find inspiration, and that being smart and strong and brave is rad."


Book of the Day Posted Mar 07, 2018

Book of the day > Ellen Gallagher: Accidental Records

Book of the day > Ellen Gallagher: Accidental Records. Published by Hauser & Wirth. "Accidental Records includes new paintings and drawings by Ellen Gallagher (born 1965) that continue her exploration of the complex histories of the Black Atlantic and the afterlives of the Middle Passage. Widely associated with a resurgence in this diasporic critical space, Gallagher has developed her own genre of history painting which makes us question our geographies. The slowly layered surfaces of her work become a kind of reckoning, the way sailors mark their locations at sea, determined to return. Alongside views of Gallagher’s artworks and portraits of the artist working in her studio, texts are included by Adrienne Edwards, curator at Performa and the Walker Art Center, and Philip Hoare, a writer whose books include Leviathan or, The Whale and The Sea Inside. The book accompanies Gallagher’s solo show at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles."


Book of the Day Posted Mar 06, 2018

Book of the day > #girlgaze: How Girls See the World

Book of the day > #girlgaze: How Girls See the World. Published by Rizzoli.  "#girlgaze is on a mission to close the gender gap by creating visibility and tangible jobs for girls behind the lens and this timely book, from photographer and media entrepreneur Amanda de Cadenet's visionary focus, features a beautiful and powerful collection of images capturing how young women perceive the world. This inspiring must-have for feminists and creatives alike showcases the work of a diverse collective of female-identifying photographers mixing candid and formal photos of females living their lives: moments of significance caught in a fraction of a second at home, on the streets, remote countrysides, and in war-torn countries. Spirited, elegant, and inspiring, #girlgaze promotes and highlights the work of Gen Z female photographers from all walks of life and is a stunningly beautiful representation of the female gaze."


Book of the Day Posted Mar 01, 2018

Book of the day > Basquiat: Boom For Real

Book of the day > Basquiat: Boom For Real. Published by Prestel. "Focusing on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s extraordinary breadth of influences, from graffiti to bebop jazz to Hollywood cinema, this exciting new survey charts his ground-breaking career. Basquiat first came to prominence when he collaborated with Al Diaz to spray-paint enigmatic statements under the pseudonym SAMO©. He went on to work on collages, Xerox art, postcards, performances, and music before establishing his reputation as one of the most important painters of his generation. Accompanying a major exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery, this book opens with introductory essays from the curators, which place his practice in a wider art historical context and look at his career through the lens of performance. Six thematic chapters offer new research, with essays from poet Christian Campbell on SAMO©; curator Carlo McCormick on New York / New Wave; writer Glenn O’Brien on the downtown scene; academic Jordana Moore Saggese on Basquiat’s relationship to film and television; and music scholar Francesco Martinelli on Basquiat’s obsession with jazz. This insightful new survey also features extended captions, rare archival material, and extensive photography, demonstrating how Basquiat’s legacy remains more powerful and relevant than ever today."




Book of the Day Posted Feb 27, 2018

Book of the day > Magnetic Fields: Expanding American Abstraction, 1960s to Today.

Book of the day > Magnetic Fields: Expanding American Abstraction, 1960s to Today. Published by Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. " In the history of American art, the contributions of African American artists to the development of abstraction have been largely overlooked. Magnetic Fields aims to change this perspective by focusing on nonrepresentational work by women artists of color, presenting a more complete presentation of American abstraction than has previously been offered. Intergenerational in scope, Magnetic Fields includes more than 20 artists born between 1891 and 1981, among them Lilian Thomas Burwell, Mildred Thompson, Candida Alvarez, Betty Blayton, Nanette Carter, Brenna Youngblood and Jennie C. Jones."


Book of the Day Posted Feb 24, 2018

Book of the day > How to Slay: Inspiration from the Queens and Kings of Black Style

Book of the day > How to Slay: Inspiration from the Queens and Kings of Black Style. Published by Rizzoli. "One of the few surveys of Black style and fashion ever published, How to Slay offers a lavishly illustrated overview of African American style through the twentieth century, focusing on the last thirty-five years. Through striking images of some of the most celebrated icons of Black style and taste, from Josephine Baker, Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, and Miles Davis to Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams, this book explores the cultural underpinnings of Black trends that have become so influential in mainstream popular culture and a bedrock of fashion vernacular today. A preponderance of Black musicians, who for decades have inspired trends and transformed global fashion, are featured and discussed, while a diverse array of topics are touched upon and examined—hats, hair, divas, the importance of attitude, the use of color, ’60s style, the influence of Africa and the Caribbean, and the beauty of black skin."


Book of the Day Posted Feb 21, 2018

Book of the day > Fired Up! Ready To Go! Finding Beauty, Demanding Equity: An African American Life in Art. The Collections of Peggy Cooper Cafritz


Book of the day > Fired Up! Ready To Go! Finding Beauty, Demanding Equity: An African American Life in Art. The Collections of Peggy Cooper Cafritz. Published by Rizzoli Electa. “After decades of art collecting, prominent Washington D.C.–based activist, philanthropist, and founder of the august Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Peggy Cooper Cafritz had amassed one of the most important collections of work by artists of color in the country. But in 2009, the more than three hundred works that comprised this extraordinary collection were destroyed in the largest residential fire in Washington, D.C. history. The pioneering collection included art by Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall, Mickalene Thomas, Yinka Shonibare, Nick Cave, Kehinde Wiley, Barkley L. Hendricks, Lorna Simpson, and Carrie Mae Weems, among many others. This beautifully illustrated volume features 200 of the works that were lost, along with works that she has collected since the fire, as well as important contributions by preeminent curators and artists.”

Book of the Day Posted Feb 20, 2018

Book of the day > Mark Bradford: Pickett's Charge

Book of the day > Mark Bradford: Pickett's Charge. Published by Yale University Press. "This beautifully illustrated book documents Pickett’s Charge, an ambitious and timely project by renowned artist Mark Bradford. Eight new paintings extend nearly four hundred feet to form a 360-degree experience encircling an entire floor of the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. Bradford’s monumental installation is inspired by the 1883 cyclorama painted by Paul Philippoteaux to commemorate the Battle of Gettysburg, which has been considered the critical turning point of the Civil War and, consequently, of American history. Elements from Philippoteaux’s paintings are among multiple layers of collaged paper that Bradford has scraped through to reveal hidden textures and complexities, and this interplay—between past and present, between the legible and the mysteriously evocative—encourages a reconsideration of history’s conventional linear narratives. The catalogue features an interview with the artist by Stéphane Aquin and an essay by Evelyn Hankins that situates the site-specific project within a broader art historical context. With lavish images of the paintings and their installation, including two gatefolds, this book records a significant new contribution to socially engaged American art."


Book of the Day Posted Dec 18, 2017




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