Events Posted Mar 13, 2020

March Events Postponed

Dear Friends,
We regret that we must postpone our March events for Jeff Divine: 70s Surf Photographs and Matthew Spiegelman: Transmitter. We will have signed copies of both fantastic books available to pick-up or ship soon, so order away. If you have already ordered copies, they will ship starting on Wednesday. Stay tuned for new dates.
The well-being of our community is our top priority.

Our second priority is getting our community the fabulous books that you so deseperately need - now, more than ever!
So we are here for you.
If there’s something you’d like to have but you’d rather not come to the shop, call us or write to us! We’ll take care of it remotely. We can ship it, have it delivered, hold it for you, or you can drive by and we can run out to your car with the goods! If you’d like to come in outside of our regular hours, let us know – we’ll try and make it work.
We’re doing lots of constant cleaning, offering hand sanitizer (while supplies last!), and keeping it very, very cheerful over here! If you can’t travel, take a trip somewhere exotic through books. The music is playing, the books (so many books!) are here, we want to do what we can to keep everyone at ease and happy. So let us know what we can do to help you.
We’re truly sorry that so many great events are being cancelled around the world and we are so lucky that we have this permanent space to share with you. Many small publishers and artists rely on events such as the L.A. Art Book Fair each year for their income – please don’t forget that we are stocking their books year-round! You can support them, and us, by coming to Arcana where it’s a virtual #artbookfair over 300 days a year.





Events Posted Mar 11, 2020

Book Signing 3/14/20 > JEFF DIVINE: 70s SURF PHOTOGRAPHS!

Jeff Divine '70s Surf Photographs' launch at Arcana has been  POSTPONED! 
Signed copies WILL be available to ship or pick-up on Wednesday, 3/18, though so order here!

Jeff Divine '70s Surf Photographs' launch at Arcana

If you were there, even just for some of it—Hawaii, California, surfing, the ’70s—the memories and stories will flow freely from these photographs. Jeff Divine was there for all of it, and these images have been culled from an enormous personal archive. Divine was shooting for Surfer, the monthly magazine that was the bible of the scene. His photos from this archive show the precommercialized era in surfing when the hippie influence still held sway. Surfers had their own slang-infused language and were deep into a world of Mother Ocean, wilderness and a culture that mainstream society spurned. Surfboards were handmade in family garages, often made for a specific kind of wave or speed, for paddling, ease of turning, and featured all kinds of psychedelic designs. Some were even hollowed out to smuggle hash from Morocco. 
The color and black-and-white photographs collected here, taken throughout California on the coastlines at Baja, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, La Jolla, Malibu, San Clemente and Oahu, give a vivid image of this close-knit culture and the incredible athletic feats of its heroes and heroines. 
Raised in La Jolla, California, Jeff Divine (born 1950) started photographing the surfing world in 1966. He held jobs as photo editor for 35 years with Surfer magazine and Surfer’s Journal. His works have been displayed worldwide in museums and galleries, as well as in books, magazines and media. In 2019 he was inducted into the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame for his contribution to surf culture in a career lasting 50 years.
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Events Posted Feb 28, 2020

Book Signing, Exhibition, & Performance! > Bruce Licher's Independent Project

Please join us Saturday, March 7th between 4:00 and 6:00 PM for a very special afternoon with Bruce Licher and Karen Nielsen Licher of Independent Project Press & Records as we celebrate the release of Savage Impressions with a book signing, one-day exhibition and sale of printed matter, and a musical performance at 5:00 PM sharp by SR2. If you cannot attend but would like to purchase a copy of this exquisite new limited edition book, please place your order here!


Savage Impressions is the first extensive monograph on Bruce Licher's Independent Project Records and Independent Project Press. With the current explosion of interest in letterpress, many are looking to see how new work can be influenced by the past. Active since 1982, Bruce Licher’s Independent Project Press is a contemporary studio that has bridged technological eras and produced an unparalleled body of work. It has culled from the past while simultaneously turning it on its head with a distinct visual vocabulary that continues to influence current aesthetics. 

For the first time, a comprehensive overview of Independent Project Records and Independent Project Press has been compiled into a monograph published by P22 Type Foundry, produced in a quality that displays their  limited edition, hand-made work in over 200 pages of full color, from mechanical process work (for clients such as REM, Stereolab, and Camper Van Beethoven) to finished works of art with insights into the creative process along the way. The text includes an essay by Karen Nielsen Licher as well as material from Rudy Vanderlans’ Emigre magazine that featured the work of IPR & P. Co-designed by Bruce Licher and Jim Greishaber at P22, Savage Impressions is a 12 x 12-inch hardcover book that displays in full color the diverse range of art and design produced by Independent Project Records & Press. 

This first printing is an edition of one thousand copies, with three-hundred and fifty of those being a now-sold out Deluxe Edition that includes a 12” vinyl record and other letterpress-printed ephemera. This book is a profound reminder of the value of the hand-made and how it can interface with the mass-produced. It will stand as major documentation of one of the most influential letterpress studios currently in existence.


Events Posted Feb 03, 2020


Please join us on Saturday, February 15th (4-6) for a book signing with Hat & Beard Press: DO YOU COMPUTE? SELLING TECH FROM THE ATOMIC AGE TO THE Y2K BUG, 1950-1999 BY RYAN MUNGIA!!!


"Before Alexa and the iPhone, there was the large and unwieldy mainframe computer. In the postwar 1950s, computers were mostly used for aerospace and accounting purposes. To the public at large, they were on a rung that existed somewhere between engineering and science fiction. Magazine ads and marketing brochures were designed to create a fantasy surrounding these machines for prospective clients: Higher profit margins! Creativity unleashed! Total automation! With the invention of the microchip in the 1970s came the PC and video games, which shifted the target of computer advertising from corporations to the individual. By the end of the millennium, the notion of selling tech burst wide open to include robots, cell phones, blogs, online dating services, and much, much more.


'Do You Compute?' is a broad survey featuring the very best of computer advertising in the 20th century. From the Atomic Age to the Y2K bug, this volume presents a connoisseur’s selection of graphic gems culled from museums, university archives, and private collections to illustrate the evolution of the computer from its early days as a hulking piece of machinery to its current state as a handheld device. Accompanied by two essays - one by cultural anthropologist Ryan Mungia and the other by graphic design historian Steven Heller - and including five different decade-long timelines that highlight some of the most influential moments in computer history, this fun yet meaningful volume is a unique look at the computer and how it has shaped our world."


Come to Arcana on Saturday, February 15th between 4:00 and 6:00 PM to meet and greet Ryan Mungia and celebrate the publication of his excellent Hat & Beard Press book. The afternoon will also include a DJ set from Palisded + Computer Love Records! If you cannot attend but wish to purchase a signed copy of Do You Compute, please place your order here or call us at 310-458-1499.


Events Posted Jan 29, 2020

Book Signing 2/8/20 > Russell Hoover: Surf, A Photographer's Journey

4:00 - 6:00 PM FOR A BOOK SIGNING 

Surf, A Photographer's Journey is the first comprehensive survey of celebrated international photographer Russell Hoover’s decades of work. Seeking beauty in the unexpected, his passion for surf photography has taken him all over the world, including documenting twenty consecutive winters on Oahu's North Shore. As the longtime Senior Staff Photographer for "Surfer Magazine", he lived and breathed the magic of photography and the ocean, with his commitment and keen eye setting him apart from his peers. His photographs have graced the covers of over one hundred publications worldwide, including the inaugural issue of "Surfer’s Journal." When not on assignment shooting extensive commercial work overseas, Russell is based out of his studio in Seal Beach, California.

Come to Arcana Saturday, February 8th between 4:00 and 6:00 PM for a reception to meet and greet Mr. Hoover and celebrate the publication of his sumptuous new book with equally sumptuous refreshments courtesy of our friends at Immaginaire Press. If you cannot attend but wish to purchase a signed copy of Surf, A Photographer's Journey, please place your order here or call us at 310-458-1499.


Events Posted Jan 21, 2020

Re-Imagining the Avant-Garde

This Thursday (1/23, 6:30-8:30 pm) the Helms Bakery is hosting a great event at the Helms Design Center (8746 Washington, ½ block west of Arcana) – please come! “On Thursday, January 23rd, from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Helms Bakery District and the Cal Poly LA Metro Program in Architecture and Urban Design will host a reception, presentation, discussion, and book launch for "Re-Imagining the Avant-Garde: Revisiting the Architecture of the 1960s and 1970s“ with Matthew Butcher, Andrew Kovacs, Mimi Zeiger, and Jimenez Lai.” Details here. Books will be available for purchase but if you can't attend but would like a signed copy of Re-Imagining the Avant-Garde, we can hook you up! Call (310-458-1499) or write. See you then!


Events Posted Jan 17, 2020

Book Signing 1/18/20 > Mark Steinmetz: Summer Camp

Hot off The Nazraeli Press, this latest monograph on the work of photographer Mark Steinmetz is a collection of photographs that captures the spirit of youth during trips spent away at a summer camp. "Two projects I focused on were little league baseball - which became 2015's The Players - and summer camps. Every year, from spring into summer, one would lead into another and certain things never changed… At summer camp, you have sleeping bags, cabins, and campers. There isn’t much difference between them in 1990 or 1965. I like that time of age, too. There’s a kind of grave maturity developing at around eleven years old. When a little kid laughs or cries, it doesn’t have real resonance, whereas if someone has these emotions between eight and twelve, there’s a poignancy to it. When they become adults, it’s just not the same. Many of these photos are about the predicament of being a kid put into a certain situation. In one picture, these girls who have been so horrible to each other all summer are now parting – and the depth of their love just gushes out. It’s almost excruciating..." - Mark Steinmetz, for Huck Magazine
Come to Arcana on Saturday, January 18th between 4:00 and 6:00 PM to meet and greet the illustrious Mr. Steinmetz. In addition to signing his charming new tome, we'll have a selection of rare and out of print titles for sale as well. If you cannot attend but wish to purchase a signed copy of Summer Camp, please place your order here or call us at 310-458-1499.


Events Posted Dec 07, 2019

Book Signing with Todd Hido for "House Hunting (Remastered)" from Nazraeli Press Saturday, December 7th From 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Arcana!

"Todd Hido’s large color photographs of suburbia are lonely, forlorn, mysterious… and strangely comforting. Hido photographs the interior rooms of repossessed tract homes, and the outsides of similar houses at night whose habitation is suggested by the glow of a television set or unseen overhead bulb. Seldom does the similar evoke such melancholy. Yet rather than passing judgment on his anonymous subjects, Hido manages to turn the banal into something beautiful, imbuing his prints of interiors with soft pastels, and allowing the exteriors to glow in the cool evening air."

We are thrilled to invite you to celebrate master publisher Nazraeli Press' remastered edition of Todd Hido’s iconic and highly sought-after first monograph, House Hunting. To celebrate the upcoming twentieth anniversary of this important book – certainly one of the most influential and oft-cited photography monographs of our time – Nazraeli has collaborated closely with the artist to achieve a new impression of the highest possible fidelity. Printed on heavy weight matte art paper, using cutting-edge technologies in both the pre-press and production phases, this new edition stays true to the original design and format while delivering even more accurate color rendition and nuances in tone and saturation. It will be a welcome addition to collections lacking access to the very scarce original printings; and to those fortunate enough to own a copy of the original edition, it further illuminates the images themselves that first catapulted the artist and his first monograph to fame.

If you cannot attend but wish to purchase a signed copy of House Huntingor some of Mr. Hido's other earlier and rarer titlesplease place your order here, or call us at 310-458-1499. 
Events Posted Dec 03, 2019

Book Signing 12/15/19 > Mission San Miguel Arcangel






"Mission San Miguel Arcángel was founded on July 25, 1797 in what is now California’s Central Coast. The site was chosen in part because of the large number of Salinan Indians that inhabited the area, whom the Spanish priests wanted to evangelize. Unlike most of the other missions in California, Mission San Miguel's appearance is much the same as it was when founded. The inside has never been repainted; the pictures and the colors decorating the six-food thick adobe walls are the originals that were created and painted by Indian artisans under the direction of Esteban Munras of Catalonia, Spain. The physical beauty of the structures and gardens is unparalleled, but among California’s twenty-one Spanish missions, San Miguel is in many ways considered to be the “poor stepson” of the chain, and has until now been lacking a dedicated book. As it is only a short distance from Nazraeli Press’ editorial office and olive farm, we are therefore especially pleased to announce this book, dedicated to the history and present state of Mission San Miguel. With over fifty photographic books to her credit, Melba Levick is well known for her work as an architectural and travel photographer. Her photographs have been published and exhibited across North America and Europe for over thirty years, ranging in subject matter from California ranches and Spanish-style homes, to Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, Mexican gardens, and the colors of India. Ruben G. Mendoza is an archaeologist, author, photographer, and founding faculty member of California State University, Monterey Bay."

If you cannot attend but wish to purchase a signed copy of Mission San Miguel Arcángel, please place your order here or call us at 310-458-1499.