Book of the Day Posted Jun 23, 2021

Book of the Day > Another World: The Transcendental Painting Group

Purchase ● Abstract painting meets theosophical spirituality in 1930s New Mexico: the first book on a radical, astonishingly prescient episode in American modernism
Founded in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, in 1938, at a time when social realism reigned in American art, the Transcendental Painting Group (TPG) sought to promote abstract art that pursued enlightenment and spiritual illumination. The nine original members of the Transcendental Painting Group were Emil Bisttram, Robert Gribbroek, Lawren Harris, Raymond Jonson, William Lumpkins, Florence Miller Pierce, Agnes Pelton, Horace Towner Pierce and Stuart Walker. They were later joined by Ed Garman. Despite the quality of their works, these Southwest artists have been neglected in most surveys of American art, their paintings rarely exhibited outside of New Mexico. Faced with the double disadvantage of being an openly spiritual movement from the wrong side of the Mississippi, the TPG has remained a secret mostly known only to cognoscenti.
Another World: The Transcendental Painting Group aims to address this slight, claiming the group’s artists as crucial contributors to an alternative through-line in 20th-century abstraction, one with renewed relevance today. This volume provides a broad perspective on the group’s work, positioning it within the history of modern painting and 20th-century American art. Essays examine the TPG in light of their international artistic peers; their involvement with esoteric thought and Theosophy; the group’s sources in the culture and landscape of the American Southwest; and the experience of its two female members.
Book of the Day Posted Jun 22, 2021

Book of the Day > Virginia Wilcox: Arboreal

Purchase ● Virginia Wilcox’s debut monograph – consisting of photographs made in the large Los Angeles parks that are equally hardscrabble and breathtaking – is quite aptly titled Arboreal. Because they have so many irreconcilable demands placed on them by both civilization and climate, the dominant subjects of the artist’s vision seem more “tree-like” or “relating to trees” than they do the actual thing. We can’t help but admire their stoic resolve. The pictures, Wilcox says, “offer a winding journey through a mangled urban landscape that looks something like wilderness, towing the line between the natural and built environment.”
The word “arboreal” of course is also used of animals who live partly or entirely in trees, and we see here how the human animal has used and overused these spaces: alterations to the topography, infrastructural incursions, plain old trash. But Arboreal is no simple environmental diatribe. Rather, it is a clear-headed finding of complicated meaning that is necessarily as ambiguous as its subject. The singular strength of the book lies in the high-wire tension that Wilcox has created between the encroachments on the land and its sheer stubborn beauty – all juxtaposed against the sprawling city below and surrounding. Wrapping everything in that sort of light only known in Southern California, she somehow offers us photographs that are simultaneously as plainly understood as evidence and as thrillingly complex as the mind of the maker.
Book of the Day Posted Jun 19, 2021

Book of the Day > Robert LeBlanc: Moon Dust

Purchase ● Nothing compares to being up close to a wildfire
Moon Dust is a collection of images shot over a length of 4 years by photographer Robert LeBlanc documenting hotshot firefighters in Montana and California.
The August Complex wildfire of 2020, which is currently the largest wildfire in California History, burned throughout the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Mendocino National Forest, and Six Rivers National Forest. The wildfire burned for a total of three months scorching 1,032,648 acres. Rarely do photographers gain intimate access to hotshot crews while on remote wildfires. The images in Moon Dust give an intimate vision of what it's like battling such an unpredictable natural disaster and how these firefighters risk their lives every day. In partnership with Mystery Ranch and Monster Energy Cares, 100% of proceeds of book sales will be donated to the Eric Marsh Foundation, U.S. Hotshot Association, and Backbone Series Scholarship.
Book of the Day Posted Jun 18, 2021

Book of the Day > Barkley L. Hendricks: Photography

Purchase ● The penultimate installment in Skira’s five-volume Barkley Hendricks survey reveals the artist’s little-known work in photography
Barkley L. Hendricks (1945–2017) revolutionized postmodern Black portraiture. This volume, the fourth in a five-part series dedicated to Hendricks’ career, focuses on the artist’s photographic oeuvre. Hendricks credited photography as a key facet of his practice, both as a tool for documenting his own work and as a source of inspiration for his paintings. Influenced by his experiences under Walker Evans’ tutelage at Yale, Hendricks frequently took to the streets to capture the world as he saw it, with his subjects in their element as they lingered in front of stores or performed in jazz clubs. As in his paintings, Hendricks’ attention to graphic composition and ability to capture his subjects’ dynamism are stunning. For the first time, Hendricks’ considerable body of photographic work is collected in a single volume, revealing an essential though underdiscussed dimension of his art.
Book of the Day Posted Jun 17, 2021

Book of the Day > The IBM Poster Program: Visual Memoranda

Purchase ● In the late 1960s, IBM was one of the world’s pre-eminent corporations, employing over 250,000 people in 100 countries and producing some of the most advanced products on earth. IBM President Thomas J. Watson Jnr. sought to elevate the company’s image by hiring world-renowned design consultants, including Eliot Noyes and Paul Rand. As well as developing the iconic IBM logo and a corporate design guide, Rand also brought together a remarkable team of internal staff designers.
One of the designers he hand-picked was Ken White, who, along with John Anderson and Tom Bluhm, headed up the design team at the IBM Design Center in Boulder, Colorado. Together, they initiated a poster program as a platform for elevating internal communications and initiatives within the company. These posters were displayed in hallways, conferences rooms and cafeterias throughout IBM campuses, with subject matter including everything from encouraging equal opportunity policies to reminders on best security practices to promoting a family fun day. Designers often incorporated figurative typography, dry humor, visual puns, and photography to craft memorable and compelling messages. Many of the posters won Type Directors Club awards and a large number were ‘re-appropriated’ from walls by enthusiastic IBM employees.
While Paul Rand’s creative genius has been well documented, the work of the IBM staff designers who executed his intent outlined in the IBM Design Guide has often gone unnoticed. The poster designs by White, Anderson, and Bluhm included in this book represent some of the most creative examples of mid-century corporate graphic design, while offering a unique commentary into corporate employee communications of the period. They also embody the full extent to which Thomas J. Watson Jr.’s mantra, “Good Design is Good Business” permeated every facet of the IBM organization, and created a lasting influence on curated corporate design in America.
Book of the Day Posted Jun 16, 2021

Book of the Day > Louise Bourgeois, Freud's Daughter

Purchase ● An exploration of the art and writing of Louise Bourgeois through the lens of her relationship with Freudian psychoanalysis
From 1952 to 1985, Louise Bourgeois (1911–2010) underwent extensive Freudian analysis that probed her family history, marriage, motherhood, and artistic ambition—and generated inspiration for her artwork. Examining the impact of psychoanalysis on Bourgeois’s work, this volume offers insight into her creative process. Philip Larratt-Smith, Bourgeois’s literary archivist, provides an overview of the artist’s life and work and the ways in which the psychoanalytic process informed her artistic practice. An essay by Juliet Mitchell offers a cutting-edge feminist psychoanalyst’s viewpoint on the artist’s long and complex relationship with therapy. In addition, a short text written by Bourgeois (first published in 1991) addresses Freud’s own relationship to art and artists. Featuring excerpts from Bourgeois’s copious diaries, rarely seen notebook pages, and archival family photographs, Louise Bourgeois, Freud’s Daughter opens exciting new avenues for understanding an innovative, influential, and groundbreaking artist whose wide-ranging work includes not only renowned large-scale sculptures but also a plethora of paintings and prints.
Events Posted Jun 16, 2021

Stephen Shore LIVE with Mack Books USA SCREENING 6/17 !

MACK BOOKS pressents a live discussion on Thursday, June 17th 3:00 PDT with STEPHEN SHORE!
Order signed copies of STEEL TOWN and TRANSPARENCIES while supplies last here
Stephen Shore joins architect and author Jack Self to discuss Steel Town, Shore’s revelatory document of the American Rust Belt in 1977. They discuss the turbulent historical moment the project depicts as well as the history of Shore’s own process and photography’s capacity for illuminating our past, present, and future.
The conversation will be broadcast four times for UK, European, Asian and Australian, and US audiences, with relevant subtitles:

Monday 14 June: UK Screening, 18:00 BST London⁠
In partnership with @villagebooksdulwich @thephotographersgallery

Tuesday 15 June: Europe Screening with French subtitles, 18:00 CEST Paris⁠
In partnership with with @librairieartazart @ofrparis @lanouvellechambreclaire @l.ascenseur_vegetal @leplacartphoto @librairiequaidesbrumes @librairiesanstitre #lerevelateurphoceen @kominekbooks @micamera_milan @dispara.cultura @fragmentphotobooks @tronsmobok ⁠ 

Wednesday 16 June: Asia & Australia Screening with Japanese subtitles, 18:00 JST Tokyo / 19:00 AEST Sydney / 14:30 IST Delhi⁠
In partnership with @perimeterbooks

Thursday 17 June: USA Screening, 18:00 EDT New York / 15:00 PDT Los Angeles⁠
In partnership with @arcanabooks

Follow this link for more info and global screening times, and to sign up for reminders for all screenings.
A limited number of signed copies of both Steel Town and Transparencies are available on our website here!




Book of the Day Posted Jun 15, 2021

Book of the Day > Encampment, Wyoming: Selections From The Lora Webb Nichols Archive 1899-1948

Purchase ● ‘Encampment, Wyoming: Selections from the Lora Webb Nichols Archive 1899- 1948’ features Nichols’ own work and the images by amateur photographers she collected in the early 20th century as the proprietor of a photofinishing business in southern Wyoming. Culled from over 24,000 photographs, the book provides a dynamic visual window into the social, domestic, and economic aspects of the American Western frontier and captures an elusive sense of place through the images of this community of friends, families, and strangers.
Book of the Day Posted Jun 12, 2021

Book of the Day > Mona Kuhn: Works

Purchase ● A stunning career retrospective of Mona Kuhn, one of the leading figures in contemporary art photography.
Mona Kuhn is one of the most respected contemporary photographers of her time, best known for her large-scale photographs of the human form. Throughout a career spanning more than twenty years, the underlying theme of her work is her reflection on humanity’s longing for spiritual connection and solidarity. As she solidified her photographic style, Kuhn created a notable approach to the nude by developing friendships with her subjects, and employing a range of playful visual strategies that use natural light and bucolic settings to evoke a sublime sense of comfort between the human figure and its environment. Her work is natural, restful, and a reinterpretation of the nude in the canon of contemporary art.
Kuhn’s distinct aesthetic has propelled her as one of the most collectible contemporary art photographers—her work is in private and public collections worldwide and she is represented by galleries across the United States. Mona Kuhn: Works, the artist’s first retrospective, features images from throughout her career, accompanied by insightful texts by Rebecca Morse, Simon Baker, Chris Littlewood, and Darius Himes. An interview with Elizabeth Avedon provides insights into Kuhn’s creative process and the ways in which she works with her subjects and locations, and achieves the visual signature of her imagery. Published to coincide with a traveling international exhibition, opening at Fotografiska in New York, this book introduces Kuhn’s distinct aesthetic to a wide popular audience., It is an essential volume for anyone with an interest in the human form in contemporary art.
Book of the Day Posted Jun 11, 2021

Book of the Day > Ken Light: Midnight La Frontera

Purchase ● Between 1983 and 1987 along the California/Mexico border, Ken Light took his Hasselblad camera and flash and rode along with US Border Patrol agents in the middle of the night as they combed the Otay Mesa looking for “illegal aliens.” He was there when they were apprehended – captured by authorities as well as the photographer’s flash. The black and white images are stark, impromptu mug shots in the desert, taken at a moment of extreme vulnerability, when hope gave way to despair, migrants caught in a cruel game of hide and seek.
Light’s photographs and José Ángel Navejas’ first hand, compelling memoir, presented in both English and Spanish, offer testimony of the harrowing night border crossing of those desperately seeking a chance at a better life. A day after Navejas first crossed the US border from Mexico, he was caught and deported back onto the streets of Tijuana. Undeterred, he crawled back through a tunnel to San Diego, where he entered the United States forever.
In piercing words and in strobe lit images caught against the dark of night, Midnight La Frontera’s immediacy underscores the struggle and defiance of those who make the perilous hike for days and weeks in search of the American Dream.