Book of the Day Posted May 27, 2017

Book of the day > People in Cars by Mike Mandel

Book of the day > People in Cars by Mike Mandel. Published by STANLEY/BARKER. "Mike Mandel grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and as an kid in the 1950s could walk just about everywhere he needed to go: to school, or later down the street to the open field to collect rocks or catch lizards. All of his friends lived on his block, so he didn’t think too much about the time he spent in a car. But by the time he reached twenty in 1970, he realised how large a role the car would play in his life, and so began to photograph the inhabitants of 1970s California in their cars.

'On a late afternoon with the light low in the west I’d regularly find my spot on the corner of Victory Blvd. and Coldwater Canyon Ave. in Van Nuys (ironically, so close to home I could easily walk there). It was a busy intersection with a wealth of cars pulling my way to make a right turn. I was using a 28mm wide angle lens on my 35mm camera, which meant that I had to get in pretty close to the window to get my shot, and when I did there would inevitably be a reaction: surprise, amusement, and on some few occasions, annoyance.'

'In contrast to how this project might play out today, it seemed then that people enjoyed being recognised by the camera and readily participated in the playfulness of the moment. It was warm outside, the car windows were open. It was the window that framed and instilled these portraits with the language of the automobile environment'" — Mike Mandel

In the News Posted May 27, 2017

Best Bookstores > Arcana in 99u

We're honored to be among the top choices for  99U,'s worldwide Best Design Bookstores! 99u is "an editorial property based in New York City that tells the stories of leading creatives around the world who are mastering their crafts, building incredible careers, and shaping their industries. They have a vibrant websitequarterly magazine, and email newsletter that goes out to 735,000 people every week." Have a look!


Book of the Day Posted May 26, 2017

Book of the day > Entryways of Milan - Ingressi Di Milano

Book of the day > Entryways of Milan - Ingressi Di Milano. Published by Taschen. "First impressions count, especially in Milano. In this unprecedented photographic journey, editor Karl Kolbitz opens the door to 140 of the city’s most sumptuous entrance halls, captivating in their diversity and splendor. These vibrant Milanese entryways, until now hidden away behind often restrained facades, are revealed as dazzling examples of Italian modernism, mediating public and private space with vivid configurations of color and form, from floors of juxtaposed stones to murals of minimalist geometry.

The collection spans buildings from 1920 to 1970 and showcases the work of some of the city’s most illustrious architects and designers, including , and Luigi Caccia Dominioni, as well as non-pedigreed architecture of equal impact and interest. The photographs for the publication were exclusively created by the Delfino Sisto Legnani, Paola Pansini and Matthew Billings, each evoking the entryways with individual sensibility and a stylistic interplay of detail shots – such as stones, door handles, and handrails – with larger architectural views.

In the well-documented realm of 20th-century Italian design, Kolbitz has stepped over the threshold and delivered a brand new area of enquiry in Milanese modernism. With the rigor of its multi-faceted research, poised photography, and breadth of its featured hallways, this is an invigorating new reference work and an inside look at the city’s design DNA across high to low architecture."

Book of the Day Posted May 25, 2017

Book of the day > Alice Neel: Uptown

Book of the day > Alice Neel: Uptown. By Hilton Als. Published by David Zwirner Books | Victoria Miro. "Known for her portraits of family, friends, writers, poets, artists, students, singers, salesmen, activists and more, Alice Neel created forthright, intimate and, at times, humorous paintings that quietly engaged with political and social issues. In Alice Neel, Uptown, writer and curator Hilton Als brings together a body of paintings and works on paper of African Americans, Latinos, Asians and other people of color for the first time. Highlighting the innate diversity of Neel’s approach, the selection looks at those often left out of the art-historical canon and how this extraordinary painter captured them; 'what fascinated her was the breadth of humanity that she encountered,' Als writes.

The publication explores Neel’s interest in the diversity of uptown New York and the variety of people among whom she lived. This group of portraits includes well-known figures such as playwright, actress and author Alice Childress, the sociologist Horace R. Cayton, Jr., the community activist Mercedes Arroyo; and the widely published academic Harold Cruse, alongside more anonymous individuals of a nurse, a ballet dancer, a taxi driver, a businessman and a local boy who ran errands for Neel.

In short and illuminating texts on specific works written in his characteristic narrative style, Als writes about the history of each sitter and offers insights into Neel and her work, while adding his own perspective. A contemporary and personal approach to the artist’s oeuvre, Als’ project is 'an attempt to honor not only what Neel saw, but the generosity of her seeing.'”

Book of the Day Posted May 24, 2017

Book of the day > Ron Jude – Nausea

Book of the day > Ron Jude – Nausea. Published by MACK (@mack_books). “Nausea—taken from the title of Sartre’s 1938 existential novel—is a body of photographs that registers the interiors of public schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia from 1990-92 by American photographer Ron Jude. Departing from mere documentation, however, Jude lures us into peering through windows, doorways and crevices of walls into empty classrooms and corridors, as we become increasingly conscious of the perils of our own gaze. Rousing, rather than abating, the uncertainty of looking, Nausea established the building blocks for the next twenty-five years of Jude’s photographic output, including Other Nature, Alpine Star, Lick Creek Line and Lago.

At the heart of Nausea lies the premise that philosophical inquiry might be filtered and consumed through photographs, just as it is filtered through Sartre’s work of literary fiction. Taking as his subject the banality of institutional learning, the monotonous spaces and objects captured in Nausea serve as a platform for exploring the nexus between the narrative limitations of photography and consciousness. Employing a distinctive visual language, marked by an acute sense of colour, radical framing and shallow focus, Jude created a world both familiar and uncanny, imbued with a pervasive sense of unease.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the inaugural exhibition of Nausea in 1992 at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, Jude has made an entirely new edit of this work. Many of the photographs in this volume have never before been published or exhibited.”


Events Posted May 21, 2017

Book signing, discussion and MORE > Salad For President - Sunday, 6/4, 3-5






and, of course, SALAD


S A L A D   F O R   P R E S I D E N T



SUNDAY, JUNE 4TH, 3:00-5:00 PM


A salad is a composition. I am perfectly happy to see cars or clouds or salads as artworks. It’s what you do with them and how you contextualize them that matters.”—Laurie Anderson


The creator of the immensely popular Salad for President blog presents a visually rich collection of more than 75 salad recipes, with contributions and interviews by artists/creative professionals like William Wegman, Tauba Auerbach, Laurie Anderson, and Alice Waters. Sherman loves salad, and she encourages her readers to consider it an everyday indulgence that can include cocktails, soups, family style brunch dishes, and dinner-party entrées.


Salad—with its infinite possibilities—is a game of endless combinations, not stifling rules. And with that in mind, Salad for President offers a window into how artists approach preparing their favorite dishes. Sherman visits sculptors, painters, photographers, and musicians in their homes and gardens, interviewing and photographing them as they cook. Utterly unique in its look into the worlds of food, art, and everyday practices, Salad for President is at once a practical resource for healthy, satisfying recipes and an inspiring look at creativity


Please join us Sunday, June 4th between 3:00 and 5:00 PM for this extra special event as we celebrate the publication of Ms. Sherman's fantastic new Abrams book: Salad For President!


Q + A between Ms. Sherman and Evan Kleiman will begin around 3:30, concurrent with the nude figure and vegetable life drawing. Listen, sketch from life, snack on Sherman's Mexican Fruit Salad (recipe from the book!) and raise a glass! Bring your own art supplies or use the charcoal and newsprint that we will have.


If you are unable to attend but would like a signed copy, please place your order here, or call us at 310-458-1499.


Events Posted May 20, 2017

Tomorrow! > Book Launch for solid objectives: order, edge, aura, May 21st at Arcana!

LA Forum is proud to join with Arcana: Books on the Arts in hosting a publication launch for local design and architecture office SO-IL, who are presenting their first monograph, "solid objectives: order, edge, aura" 

Featuring a collection of built and unbuilt projects, texts, processes and experiments from the firm’s first eight years of work (2008-2016), the book proposes an architecture that requires interpretation. The publication is at once a visual and textual manifesto that introduces an attitude towards the design and realization of architecture in an interconnected environment. 

The event will feature SO-IL's Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu in discussion with Johnston Marklee's Mark Lee.

Book of the Day Posted May 19, 2017

Book of the day > Ashley Hicks: Details

Book of the day > Ashley Hicks: Details. Published by IDEA Books “Hicks' zooms in on the architectural and decorative details of great British and European houses. The results of this historic snoop around are juxtaposed with his own highly creative and idiosyncratic interiors." "Details by Ashley Hicks is a new interiors book that presents an annotated photographic insight into great historic homes and buildings. Much of the photography was taken by Hicks himself, almost half on his phone, capturing fragments of his own work besides historic interiors, with a focus on the key intersection of materials which Hicks sees as ’the most telling moment of design.’ Properties included are Sir John Soane’s Museum, Montacute House in Somerset, Holkham Hall in Norfolk and Hicks' own rooms at Albany, the exclusive residences hidden between Piccadilly and Savile Row. Limited edition of 500 copies.” @ashleyhicks1970

Book of the Day Posted May 18, 2017

Book of the day > Fred Herzog: Modern Color

Book of the day > Fred Herzog: Modern Color. Published by Hatje Cantz. " The most comprehensive book yet published on the Canadian color-photography pioneer Fred Herzog is best known for his unusual use of color photography in the 1950s and 1960s, a time when art photography was almost exclusively associated with black-and-white imagery. In this respect, his photographs can be seen as prefiguring the New Color photographers of the 1970s. The Canadian photographer worked largely with Kodachrome slide film for over 50 years, and only in the past decade has technology allowed him to make archival pigment prints that match the exceptional color and intensity of the Kodachrome slide, making this an excellent time to reevaluate and reexamine his work. This book brings together over 230 images, many never before reproduced, and features essays by acclaimed authors David Campany, Hans-Michael Koetzle and artist Jeff Wall. Fred Herzog is the most comprehensive publication on this important photographer to date."

Book of the Day Posted May 17, 2017

Book of the day > Nick Cave: Until

Book of the day > Nick Cave: Until. Published by Prestel. "This generously illustrated book takes readers inside Nick Cave’s newest work: an enormous, elaborate journey through the workings of the artistic mind. Nick Cave’s “Soundsuits”―exuberant, brightly colored wearable sculptures adorned with buttons, hair, toys and other found objects―have made him one of the best-known contemporary artists. This book documents his most extensive work to date, turning his art inside out. Until fills MASS MoCA’s football field- sized gallery, without a single Soundsuit to be found. Instead Cave takes us inside the belly of one of his iconic sculptures with an immersive environment populated by a dazzling array of found objects, echoing some of Cave’s and America’s most confounding dilemmas: gun violence, racial inequality, injustice within our cities’ police departments, and death. An installation diary and numerous images reveal how an idea becomes reality. Until also incorporates special appearances by dancers, singer/ songwriters, and poets, as well as community forums, and opportunities for public debate and engagement. Transcripts of the first of these events accompany the book’s illustrations. This book features an essay by exhibition Curator Denise Markonish, commentary by David Byrne and Lori E. Lightfoot that contextualizes Cave’s work against today’s headlines, and an excerpt from Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric. Powerful and transformative, Until promises to take its place among the era’s most important artistic statements."