In the News Posted Jul 01, 2021

A Continuous Lean

Wow, we find ourselves in very esteemed company on the A Continuous Lean list of the 125 best stores in the U.S.!
THANK YOU, @acontinuouslean for this honor and for the fantastic list. It's primarily for menswear, but "there are some book stores mixed in (because book shops need all of the help they can get)." True words. Many thanks for your ongoing support.



In the News Posted Oct 30, 2020

Wes Del Val, Book/Shop, and the #onegreatreader series

We’re delighted to share this interview with Arcana founder Lee Kaplan and Wes Del Val  for the One Great Reader series!
Book/Shop is a lovely store in Oakland, CA that we have admired for their thoughtful selection of out print books and charming biblio-themed merch. Please follow Wes’ #onegreatreader series for more interviews with the likes of Tosh Berman, Luc Sante, Sasha Frere Jones, James Crump, and more.
For his introduction to Lee’s interview Wes said: “Yes everything can be delivered to your door these days, but there is still nothing like seeing what an owner chooses to order for his shop, touch and look at what he decides to put out for his customers, talk to and ask questions of him, and then leave with what you bought, no waiting required. For years bookstores have been the only shops I am interested in going into and one of the absolute gems in America is Arcana: Books on the Arts. Owner Lee Kaplan has little free time outside of keeping the shop vital since 1984 so I feel very fortunate that he gave us our longest interview yet. 
Thanks to Wes, to our comrades at Book/Shop, and to all of you bibliophiles for your ongoing support of independent bookstores. 
In the News Posted Feb 08, 2020


Why, visit Arcana, of course! See more great suggestions from "Mr. Porter" here.


"If you can make it out to Culver City (and, do, because Lukshon and Father’s Office are awesome), Arcana bookstore in the old Helms bakery complex is one of the great bookstores in the world. It’s also a summons to a more sensual time, when we leafed through great big blocks of photography books, art books, architecture books, looking for we-knew-not-what, but always finding something incredible, something inspiring, something that we needed and held onto, other than our phones."


In the News Posted Jan 25, 2020

New York Times: Jen Mankins 5 Places to Shop in Los Angeles


See more of Jen's excellent picks - we're happy to be in such good company! from a woman of such amazing taste (Bird Brooklyn is THE BEST)- here.


4. Arcana: Books on the Arts “It’s an art book mecca,” Ms. Mankins says of this sunny, open bookstore in Culver City. Arcana has a deep inventory of new, rare and out-of-print books and catalogs on cinema, photography, architecture … well, everything including the kitchen sink. The proprietors, Lee and Whitney Kaplan, have been in the business for 35 years and can help locate obscure titles (a Joseph Kosuth, say) with pre-internet zeal. Book signings, receptions and discussions regularly fill up the space, often featuring young photographers and creative types. “They’re really supportive,” Ms. Mankins says. 

In the News Posted Nov 01, 2019

Outside The Frame Podcast with Lee Kaplan!

We invite you to listen to the Peter Fetterman Gallery podcast, "Outside the Frame". Their newly released second episode features our own Lee Kaplan discussing the shop's arcane history, the foundations of building a fine art book collection, the state of publishing and consumerism, and more. 

In addition, The Peter Fetterman Gallery is offering the wonderful "Find Your Book" challenge: buy a book, post about it,and you'll be entered to win a silver gelatin print by one of the gallery's artists! Details here.
In the News Posted Apr 01, 2019

Frame Magazine 03 Spring Summer 2019

"Local bookstores are becoming harder and harder to find, but it's not too late to rediscover the unique charms of touching, skimming, and smelling hile you browse. There's no place better to do so than Arcana Books, the Los Angeles institution which specializes in art books. Originally located in Santa Monica, Arcana shines in its larger Culver City space, which better accomodates their 100,000 title collection. And if that weren't enough, Arcana is the best bookstore in Los Angeles (or possibly the country) to source rare, out-of-print gems, like R. Crumb's Dream Diary of Ed Ruscha's Metro Mattresses."

In the News Posted Nov 20, 2018

Louis Vuitton City Guide

Thanks to Samantha Brooks, Stephanie Rafanelli, Andrea Richard, and Stephanie Theobald for including us in the Louis Vuitton Los Angeles city guide


In the News Posted May 20, 2018

Diane Keaton in PARADE

The wonderful and ever-supportive Diane Keaton mentioned us in Parade Magazine today!


In the News Posted Mar 05, 2018

Kneeland Co Voyages Podcast

If you ever thought Arcana boss Lee Kaplan was inscrutable, now’s your chance to have your mind changed. In the debut episode of her new podcast Voyages, client / collector / aesthete / textile consultant / traveler Joanna Williams (of - @jleighwms ) talks to Lee about the Arcana origin story and hears about how his love and reverence for the books he sells sometimes results in grumpy yelp reviews from badly behaved guests. Thank you, Joanna, for giving Lee this opportunity! You can listen to the episode at and subscribe to the Voyages podcast on itunes!