Miscellany Posted Aug 29, 2020

Independent Bookstore Day!

It’s Independent Bookstore Day and we want to salute our colleagues and customers. You inspire us in this zany, anachronistic, less-than-lucrative business -- one made even more tumultuous in 2020. Your faith in value of printed matter is beautiful and your commitment to supporting spaces devoted to keeping ideas, art, community, and beauty alive through these miraculous objects is heroic. Thanks for being our allies and fighting the good fight along with us. Today, tomorrow and every day, we hope you will celebrate LA’s rich book culture by buying from our esteemed colleagues who prove true the #gothambookmart adage that  “wise men fish here.” Here’s to you: @aliasbookseast, @artbookhwla, @bblitarts, @booksoup, @chevaliersbooks, @counterpointrecordsandbooks, @dieselbookstore, @esowonbooks, @familybooks, @hennesseyingalls, @iliadbookshop, @lalibreria, @larryedmunds1938, @lastbookstorela, @librosschmibros, @malikbooks, @nowservingla, @reparations.club, @skylightbooks, @storiesbooksandcafe, @theundergroundbookstore, @vromansbookstore, the FORTHCOMING @thesalteaters @villagewellcc and so many more. Look around - books are everywhere!