Book of the Day Posted Sep 05, 2017

Book of the day > Albert Elm: What Sort of Life Is This.

Book of the day > Albert Elm: What Sort of Life Is This. Published by the Ice Plant. “What does the world look like? What feelings does it stimulate? Why do we photograph it so urgently? Since 2009, Danish photographer Albert Elm (born 1990) has pursued his curiosity about human activity with a restless energy and intrepid wanderlust, crossing far-flung time zones, boarding the Trans-Siberian Railway, traveling alone in Dubai, China, India, or just walking through his neighborhood in Copenhagen. What Sort of Life Is This remixes Elm’s distant and local journeys into a bewildering panoply of narrative fragments and surreal compositions that feels both global and personal, fractured yet strangely complete. Referencing numerous styles and genres (all shot on 35mm film), the work explodes with the spontaneous color and complexity of life — tender, violent, lonely, joyful, bizarre. Equalizing the exotic and the banal, the book treats every picture as if it were made in the same mystifying place: the world itself.” @albert_elm