Events Posted Nov 25, 2017


We're launching our beautiful MACK exhibition today between 4 and 6 at the bookstore. 


Please join us as we raise a glass to welcome publisher Michael Mack and celebrate Small Business Saturday with the launch of a very special exhibition of books, prints, and special editions spanning the history of his eminent London-based publishing house. Virtually the entire MACK catalogue will be for sale, including special editions with prints, rare volumes from the archives, and hot-off-the-press-titles. MACK has produced a lovely little catalogue limited to one hundred copies specially for the event that will be included on a first come, first served basis - one per customer - with each purchase of one hundred dollars! Also, a stylish "Ravens" black canvas book bag will accompany each copy of the lovely new reissue of Masahisa Fukase's photobook classic. Guests in attendance will be photographers Thomas Demand, Anthony Hernandez, Torbjørn Rødland, Fumi Ishino, and more. This MACKstravaganza will continue through December 24th with additional book signings, discussions, and special events. See you later today to kick off the Holiday shopping season, and stay tuned for forthcoming event details! If you cannot attend but covet something from the MACK universe (see the list of treasures below), please write, or call us at 310-458-1499.


Gathered Leaves - Alec Soth


Gathered Leaves Postcards - Alec Soth


Sleeping by the Mississippi - Alec Soth


Sleeping by the Mississippi Special Edition - Alec Soth


Songbook - Alec Soth


Photography Against the Grain - Allan Sekula


Corbeau - Anne Golaz


Mrs Merryman's…(First Book Award) - Anne Sophie Merryman


Forever - Anthony Hernandez


Rodeo Drive - Anthony Hernandez


Collotype Portfolio - Benrido


Beyond Maps and Atlases - Bertien van Manen


Easter and Oak - Bertien van Manen


I Will Be Wolf - Bertien van Manen


Let’s Sit Down - Bertien van Manen


Let’s Sit Down Special Edition - Bertien van Manen


Moonshine - Bertien van Manen


Holy Bible, 2nd edition - Broomberg + Chanarin


Gasoline - Campany, David


The Flying Carpet - Cesare Fabbri


Redheaded Peckerwood - Christian Patterson


I went to the worst of bars… (First Book Award) - Ciaran Og Arnold


Girl Plays With Snake - Clare Strand


8 Women - Collier Schorr


Blumen - Collier Schorr


Jens F - Collier Schorr


Neighbors - Collier Schorr


There I was - Collier Schorr


A Handful of Dust - David Campany


Nothing's in Vain (First Book Award) - Emmanuelle Andrianjafy


Pandora's camera - Joan Fontcuberta


Rowing a Tetrapod - Fumikazu Ishino


For Every Minute You Are Angry You Lose Sixty Seconds of Your Life - Julian Germain


ZZYZX Special Edition - Beach - Gregory Halpern


ZZYZX second printing - Gregory Halpern


Preganziol - Guido Guidi


Veramente - Guido Guidi


NYPLT unique edition - Jason Evans


Nature of Photography - Joan Fontcuberta


Imitation of Christ - Jones, William E


For Every Minute Special Edition - Julian Germain


Unnamed Road - Jungjin Lee


The Last Cosmology (trade) - Kawada, Kikuji


The Home Front - Ken Graves


A Glass Darkly - Kevin Lear


The Last Cosmology Special Edition - Kikuji Kawada


Nothing but Clouds - Kristina Jurotschkin


Pictures from Home - Larry Sultan


Kodachrome Reprint - Luigi Ghirri


Luigi Ghirri Postcard Set - Luigi Ghirri


The Complete Essays 1973–1991 - Luigi Ghirri


Do You Get Me? - Mahtab Hussein


Ocenaomania - Mark Dion


Message from the Exterior - Mark Ruwedel


Message from the Exterior Special Edition - Mark Ruwedel


Another Language Special Edition SET - Mårten Lange


The Mechanism - Mårten Lange


A partial Eclipse - Martin Boyce


A Partial Eclipse Special Edition - Martin Boyce


Hibi - Masahisa Fukase


Ravens [Hardback] - Masahisa Fukase


Transparency is the new mystery - Mayumi Hosokura


What the living carry - Morgan Ashcom


The Whiteness of the Whale - Paul Graham


a shimmer of possibility - Paul Graham


The Present - Paul Graham


The Present Special Edition - Paul Graham


Between the Shell (First Book Award) - Paul Salveson


FROWST [First Book Award] - Piotrowska, Joanna


Incoming - Richard Mosse


Le Luxe - Roe Ethridge


Neigbors - Roe Ethridge


Sacrifice Your Body - Roe Ethridge


Shelter Island - Roe Ethridge


Rockaway, NY - Roe Ethridge


Lago - Ron Jude


Lick Creek Line - Ron Jude


Nausea - Ron Jude


Deep Springs - Sam Contis


The Swamp (First Book Award) - Sofia Borges


Buon Fresco Special Edition - Tacita Dean


The Narcissistic City - Takashi Homma


Blossom - Thomas Demand


The Dailies - Thomas Demand


La Carte - Thomas Demand


Nationalgalerie - Thomas Demand


The Dailies - Thomas Demand


Nature & Politics - Thomas Struth


Confabulations - Torbjørn Rødland


The Model - Torbjørn Rødland


I want to live innocent - Torbjørn Rødland


Vanilla Partner - Torbjørn Rødland


White Planet Black Heart - Torbjørn Rødland


My Kingdom - Txema Salvans


She dances on Jackson  Vanessa Winship