Miscellany Posted Aug 25, 2017

In Memoriam: Clive Piercy

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our longtime friend and supporter Clive Piercy - loving husband, loyal friend, cycling enthusiast, avid baker, author, and graphic designer extraordinaire.

Clive was a towering Brit whose breadth of knowledge, quick wit, and oft-times acerbic delivery left me alternately in awe, stitches, or fuming on many an occasion. We have fond memories - and a few grainy pictures attached - from when we were fortunate enough to host the publication party for his "Pretty Vacant" on the 'nade way back in 2003 for which he produced a front window display as well as an elegant limited edition just for the occasion. Beyond its title's puckish Sex Pistols double entendre, "Pretty Vacant" is a glorious little book that is both clever in a manner unique to Clive's nature, and likely to be the enduring photographic typology of the until-then underappreciated Dingbat Apartment architecture of his adopted home. His decades of similarly stylish practice at Ph.D, AirConditioned, and Art Center College of Design have fixed his imprint firmly on the local design consciousness.

We extend our condolences to Clive’s lovely wife Annie Field, good friends Robin Hurley and Jon + Carol Kono-Noble, colleagues, students, and everyone else held in his sway over the years. Go you Spurs! - we'll miss you, mate.

Lee + Whitney