Miscellany Posted Aug 13, 2017

Happy Trails, Erin!

It’s a bittersweet moment as Erin Schneider leaves Arcana for the green pastures of Goldsmiths in London for graduate school. Erin defines “one of a kind” and we will miss her enormously. Her vast knowledge of a wide array of subjects (and her opinions thereon) and her inimitable way of sharing it has been a gift to us. Who will be playing obscure fiddle music in the store? Who will tell stories of dancing at the VDL house, playing accordion at the local Swedish dance, storing cosmic energy at the Aetherius Society, and sacred heart singing workshops? Who will zero in on EXACTLY the right book on – just about anything for just about anyone? Who will bring us donuts procured at 3 am and the tales of the concert/art show/ jam session/ or tryst that preceded them? With her leaves a store of cultural, musical, artistic, academic, and spiritual information, an untamable effervescence, and a crackling intelligence that we will dearly miss. She leaves us having graced us with her vibrant presence for 3  ½ years and she will forever be a part of the Arcana. We love you, Erin!