In the News Posted Oct 08, 2016

Financial Times, 10/8/16 > Christina Kim's Los Angeles

We're so happy that Christina  Kim's Los Angeles includes Arcana!  And we're honored to be the site of her forthcoming installation and to celebrate the "dosa glossary a-z" with a printed matter launch and sale, December 16th and 17th. The installation will remain on view for a month.  Read the whole piece in the Financial Times' Hot To Spend It section here, and visit to learn all about the beautiful and admirable things that Christina Kim does when she's not visiting bookstores!

"On Sundays I also like to visit my favourite bookstores. Caravan has been dealing in secondhand books for 60 years and has a fantastic range of old travel titles. The owner, Leonard Bernstein, will call me if an interesting book comes in. And then there’s Arcana, which is in Culver City and specialises in art books. I have quite a big library at home with a lot of reference, style, architecture and art books. "